Why To Upgrade ProAPOD From Agent 6 to Executive 10

YIf you are currently using our real estate agent software solution (Real Estate Agent 6.0) then I’m certain that you are pleased with how easy the software is to use and how great the reports are that you need to create. However, are you aware that our real estate investing software solution (Executive 10.0) does that and a lot more? Best of all, as a current user of real estate Agent 6 you can upgrade at a minimal cost.

Okay, let’s consider the great features you are currently enjoying in Real Estate Agent Software 6.0:

  1. Before taxes cash flow analysis
  2. Before taxes rates of return
  3. 13 professional-quality reports including an APOD, proforma income statement, rent roll, marketing package, amortization schedules, and more.

Okay, now with our real estate investing software solution Executive 10.0 you get everything in our real estate agent’s software solution plus this:

  1. After taxes cash flow analysis
  2. After taxes rates of return
  3. Rates of return affected by time value of money such as net present value, internal rate of return, and more
  4. 26 professional-quality reports (including 5 charts)
  5. Two photo pages so you can include 12 additional photos of your rental property in every presentation
  6. An Executive Summary that you can use for marketing your rental properties along with the Marketing Package (enables you to include your company logo and provides you with more opportunities to add detailed information about the property)
  7. Comparable Market Analysis so you can compare data between your property to other properties in the area
  8. A Projects Comparison report so you can retrieve other projects you created into one table and easily compare the data of each
  9. Flash-form feature that will allow you to arrive at the bottom line of a rental property’s financial performance without having to fill-in the forms
  10. Currency symbol selection so you can have your reports reflect other currency symbols besides the dollar symbol

You get the idea.

Executive 10.0 is every bit as user-friendly as Real Estate Agent 6.0 but it provides you many more options, features, and reports. So you can take your real estate analysis to a deeper level. Better yet, you can upgrade for just $139.95. Simply login to your account and click the button to upgrade from your real estate agent software solution (6.0) to the real estate investing software solution (10.0) the follow the online instructions to complete the purchase. Once you log back in you will find two new downloads.

James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.