Having Issues with ProAPOD?

gross operating incomeProAPOD has been distributing real estate investment analysis software solutions to real estate agents and investors nationwide since 2000. During the majority of that time the program performed fluidly with out as much as a hiccup.

Starting with Microsoft Vista, however, the rules of engagement changed slightly, and now ProAPOD will require some minimal effort on the part of the user to function correctly.

Here’s the deal.

Starting with Vista, the guys at Microsoft figured that it would be better security for users who install Excel VBA programs like ProAPOD to have more hands-on control. As a result, some additional instructions for the user have been created.

ProAPOD has adequately provided these instructions for all the common issues (including text and screenshots) on its website at Customer Support.

Instructions are also provided inside the software solutions themselves. So every user who opens any ProAPOD solution is automatically greeted with a “Read Me” page to help ensure that users know what they must do up front.

None of the resolutions is difficult, takes more than a couple of minutes, and only needs to be dealt with one-time.

In this article I am posting links to each resolution for those common Windows issues along with some other issues sometimes caused by by the users themselves (i.e., pilot-error issues).

Windows Issues

How to Enable Macros
Nothing seems calculate or function. This is because you did not enable our VBA code to run. You must enable macros.

How to Grant File Permissions (video)
You get “read only” when trying to save. This is due to Vista and newer settings. You must now grant yourself file permissions to modify our program.

How to Grant File Permissions (article)

How to Display Our Toolbar
You aren’t getting the results you expected from the toolbar. This is because you are not using the toolbar provided by ProAPOD. You must use our toolbar for all commands.

Pilot-error Issues

You have downloaded and installed an update without having the “base” program installed on your computer and it won’t work correctly. You cannot run the program simply by downloading and installing an update. The update is only effective when the “base” program is already installed on the computer.


James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.