ProAPOD Software Solutions Updated!

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has updated all three of its investment software solutions – Executive 10, Investor 8, Agent 6.

There are some changes to all three solutions that effectively are common to all three solutions, and some changes that are more specific to each solution. We’ll discuss both.

Common to All

  • A link to our online Help file has been added to Windows “All Programs” menu. This means you can open and read the Help file for your solution right from your desktop by clicking Start > All Programs > ProAPOD (or ProAPOD INVESTOR) > Help File (Online).

Specific to the Solution

Executive 10 – Agent 6
  • Corrected the Save function. Previous versions gave two prompts to Save when closing the program. This was redundant so we eliminated the second prompt. The result is a faster, more responsive Close.
  • Eliminated the ProAPOD SAVED FILES folder to resolve issues caused primarily by Vista. The update will not delete the folder if it already exists on your computer, so your saved projects are safe. We just don’t want future installations to include it. We recommend that all saved projects be saved in the primary ProAPOD folder.
  • Added a new desktop shortcut icon labeled “ProAPOD Files Folder”. This is intended to replace the previous “ProAPOD SAVED FILES” icon. Both point to the same folder so you are safe to delete the “ProAPOD SAVED FILES” icon.
Investor 8
  • Renamed the “ProAPOD INVESTOR” desktop shortcut to “ProAPOD Investor”. This was done for aesthetic purposes only because they both will open the program. You are safe to delete the previous “ProAPOD INVESTOR” desktop shortcut.
  • Added a new desktop shortcut labeled “ProAPOD Investor Files Folder”. This will allow you to access your saved projects from your desktop.

Although every effort has been made to insure the intended results for these modifications, please contact me immediately if you encounter a problem.


James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.