ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software: The Scoop on Our Three Solutions

Those of you acquainted with ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software are aware that we offer three different solutions ranging in price from $149.95 to $279.95. So I thought you might be interested in also knowing how, why, and when each of these investment software solutions came about. Here’s a quick summary in the order of their development and release date.

ProAPOD Agent 6.0

ProAPOD Agent 6.0 was the first program we developed and released in 2000 as “ProAPOD Multifamily Analysis & Marketing Software”.

Our purpose was straightforward: We wanted to provide real estate agents seeking to work with multifamily property with an easy-to-use way to create an APOD, a ten-year Proforma Income Statement and Marketing Package. What we discovered at that time were software programs much too expensive for regular folks, way overly-complex for day-to-day use, or simply too lack-luster to suit our taste.

Since its release, numerous features and reports were added along with a name change. But the concept remains the same. To provide agents who understand little to nothing about investment property or the formulas (especially residential agents) with all the essential elements to work with multifamily properties easily.

ProAPOD Agent 6.0 includes full analysis and marketing reports without computations for either tax shelter or time value of money and is truly a program for residential agents who would like to work with multifamily property as well as residential property; only not as regularly.  Learn more at >> real estate agent software…

ProAPOD Executive 10.0

ProAPOD Executive 10.0 was developed and released in 2004 at the request of customers who begged us for a “ProAPOD-quality” investment software solution that would also include computations for tax shelter and time value of money.

So we took ProAPOD and added the necessary forms, computations, and reports needed and surprisingly developed what others have heralded as “the best and most affordable software solution of its kind on the market today”.

ProAPOD Executive 10.0 is a rental property analysis and marketing solution that computes all four returns associated with investment real estate, i.e., cash flow, appreciation, loan amortization, and tax shelter (including computations for depreciation, capital gains, recapture tax, mortgage interest and amortized points) as well as time value of money.

This is the investment software typically used by agents and investors who are more engaged in investment property and seek a deep-level cash flow analysis and marketing solution. Learn more at >> real estate investment software…

ProAPOD Investor 4.0

ProAPOD Investor 4.0 was developed and released in 2008 after we discovered that some seminar “gurus” were charging hefty sums to new investors for what we considered to be sub-standard real estate investor software for novices.

As a result, we developed this software solution with triple the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Our purpose was simple: To offer “mom and pop” investors (those who invest infrequently) with the necessary elements to determine what rate of return they might achieve on an investment opportunity before making a purchase.

ProAPOD Investor 4.0 includes full consideration for tax shelter and time value of money (which is important to all investors) but excludes the more robust analysis and marketing options many “mom and pop” investors who invest with minimal regard about selling the property generally have interest.

This software program also includes a “learning center” on each form for those who would also like to learn the formulas. Learn more at >> real estate investor software…

James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.