ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software Eleven Years Later

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software, a rental property cash flow, rate of return, and profitability analysis and marketing program, which initially consisted of one version for agents and investors locally now supplies four separate versions to customers worldwide.

According to developer and owner James Kobzeff, ProAPOD was originally conceived in 2000 merely to provide an easy-to-use and affordable solution for local colleagues as an alternative to the not-so-friendly and expensive real estate analysis software typically available.

Kobzeff admits turning to the internet after his software gained popularity locally. But attributes an article published by REALTOR® Magazine in May 2003 featuring his program that really got things rolling.

“When REALTOR® Magazine featured ProAPOD as a Cool Tool”, Kobzeff says, “orders began pouring in from real estate professionals throughout the United States for our real estate investment software.”

It was the new-found customers resulting from that exposure he tells us that planted the idea for another version. “They liked my software so much,” Kobzeff says, “they encouraged me to expand the analysis options by adding elements for tax shelter and time value of money.”

“So I got to work on it,” he adds, “and soon thereafter released our second ProAPOD solution. A deep-level cash flow analysis program with computations for taxes and time value that includes the coveted after tax cash flows and rates of return.”

According to Kobzeff the third solution was suggested a few years later by a novice investor fresh from a real estate investing seminar complaining that the investor software offered at the seminar was inept and expensive.

“I agreed”, Kobzeff says. “So I dug in and in a couple of months released a solution for novice investors that provide twice the features at a third the cost of what the investment seminars offer.”

This newest offering from ProAPOD is a web-based real estate calculator. When asked about it Kobzeff said, “The idea was to combine function with learning. So while our real estate calculator mimics a financial calculator’s computations, it displays the definitions and formulas so users can also learn real estate investing.”


AGENT 6 – Rock-solid essential analysis and marketing. This is the perfect ground-floor solution for getting involved in the listing and marketing of multifamily properties. Price $149.95  [Learn More]

INVESTOR 4 – Deep-level analysis without marketing. The ideal way for novice investors buying to hold property to benefit from full tax and time value consideration without the cost for marketing elements used for re-selling the property. Price $199.95 [Learn More]

EXECUTIVE 10 – Deep-level analysis and marketing. This is a complete before and after tax solution for those buying, listing, and marketing investment property as an ongoing business. Price $279.95 [Learn More]

REAL ESTATE CALCULATOR – Dozens of real estate investing definitions and formulas with the calculations. Includes 24/7 PC, MAC, iPad or smartphone mobile online access. Price $69.95 (educational discount available). [Learn More]

Agent 6, Investor 4, and Executive 10 are MS Excel applications for Windows and include two permanent downloads. The real estate calculator is web-based and requires only a simple login. All solutions require a one-time payment only without subscription or renewal fees.

ProAPOD® is a privately held software company located in Salem, Oregon. James R Kobzeff is the founder and owner.

James R Kobzeff, Owner
ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software

James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.