ProAPOD Executive 10 Real Estate Software Solution Updated

ProAPOD Executive 10, our platinum-grade real estate analysis software solution, has been updated and is available for download. Customers currently using this real estate software solution simply need to login to their account to obtain this update. Once logged in, you will find the download under Updates.

What’s new in this version.

1) We provided more flexibility for you to project revenues. In the previous version of this real estate analysis software solution you could step the growth for rental income, other income, and operating expenses up to three times, but each step simply increased the value annually for subsequent years. For example, if you wanted to grow the income at 2% starting in year 3 and then 3% starting in year 5, the program would have computed the income to grow 2% annually in years 3 and 4 and then 3% annually in years 5 to 10.

This software update now gives you the option to grow and hold the value. For example, if you want to grow the income 2% starting in year 3 but want to hold that value until your next increase in year 5, you can. That is, a rental income of $120,000 will become $122,400 in year 3 (2% increase), $122,4000 again in year 4 (value held),  and then $126,072 in year 5 (3% increase), $126,072 again in year 6 (value held), and so on.

We did this by adding a “method” selection to the “Step the Growth” portion of the Proforma form. In this case, you have the option to select either “annually” or “one-time” for any growth in rental income, other income, or operating expenses you want to make for any starting year. In other words,   the program will compute the growth at the rate you desire in the starting year you select and then will either increase it again at that rate or hold that value for the subsequent years based upon your “method” selection.

The idea was suggested by a customer who noted that income, other income, and operating expenses should not be assumed to simply grow annually each year, and it would better serve the cash flow analysis if the customer were given the option to instead “hold” (or maintain) the value for subsequent years. We considered this a good idea and implemented it.

2) Our customer also noted that this software solution did not display a value for “Other income” in the APOD unless monthly rents for the units were also provided in the Income form. So we made the adjustment for the APOD to show any Other income values computed whether or not monthly rents are entered.

We did, of course, check this real estate analysis software solution after making the update to assure that every thing is correct. But we are human and might have missed something. So contact us immediately if you discover an issue that needs to be fixed.



James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.


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    I purchased this software years ago, I have been on a mac platform for several years will this new version work on a mac

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