MAC Users Will Be Able to Use ProAPOD (Again)

In an article recently posted on ZDNet by author Mary-Jo Foley, Microsoft will again support its Office application for Mac users with Mac 2011 starting October 26. This is great news for me because it means that real estate agents and real estate investors can once again using ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software on their Mac computers.

Why Microsoft lifted the support Office 2008 for Mac is beyond me, and most other Mac users (at least this is what I can gather from the vast complaints I found on the web). Anyway, the good news for those engaged in real estate investing who were snubbed by Microsoft with Office 2008 for Mac can again start using our real estate investing software with Mac 2011 to create their rental property analysis and marketing presentations.

If you would like to read the story in its entirety see the complete story here.

James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.