Inflation Rate Calculator, Update 5-25-13

real estate calculationsiCalculator, the online real estate calculator provided by ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software, has updated its inflation rate calculator in accordance with the latest US government CPI data released May, 2013.

That means you can use this inflation rate calculator to determine any annual inflation rate starting as far back as the year 1913 through the current month in 2013.

For example, I wanted to see how much it would take to purchase the same goods and services now in 2013 for what it cost $100 to purchase in 1913. Incredibly, we would have to spend $$2,348.80 in today’s dollars because the annual inflation rate has risen 2248.8% according to the latest US government CPI data.

Illustration (click image to enlarge)

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Update is Free

This inflation rate calculator update is absolutely free to current users of iCalculator (as are all updates to this online real estate calculator).

  • Login to iCalculator from the ProAPOD website
  • Click “Time Value” from iCalculator’s menu of categories
  • Click “Inflation Rate” in the list of calculators displayed
  • Start calculating

So You Know

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