Pro RE Calculator: A Smart Option for Hand-held Financial Calculators

iCalculatorHand-held financial calculators provide a credible way to make dozens of complex real estate calculations that otherwise would not be possible for typical users to make in their head.

Unfortunately, the downside to hand-held financial calculators is that they require a series of inputs and entries with a close eye on the instruction manual that can be both cumbersome and time consuming.

Calculating Net Present Value with five annual cash flows on an HP-10B, for instance, requires the user to clear the registers, set the number of payments per year, enter the initial cash flow, enter each of the separate cash flows plus number of occurrences, the interest rate, and then click the NPV button to calculate net present value of those stored cash flows.

According to my count that’s about eighteen separate keyboard selections – all of which will require some amount of time, an understanding of the calculator’s functions, and the risk of making a mistake and having to start over.

I struggled with this for years. And as a result, I decided to develop my own real estate calculator called iCalculator to mimic those types of real estate calculations made on financial calculators but with the ability to arrive at the result much easier and quicker.

With iCalculator you simply complete a user-friendly form and click Calculate to arrive at the result.

In the illustration provided below, for example, look how easy it is to arrive at the otherwise complex computation for net present value. Rather than a series of numerous keyboard selections required on hand-held calculators, you simply complete the form and Calculate.


So You Know

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James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.