ProAPOD Executive 10 Software Updated

executive 10 softwareProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has just released an update for it’s Executive 10 real estate investing software solution.

The update primarily deals with features associated with several of this solution’s forms, including modifications to form description headers, form labels, and form label comments.  All of which was felt would help eliminate the confusion that some customers were occasionally experiencing when using Executive 10 software for the first time.

Some modification to the VBA code associated with several forms was also written. Generally to make the forms more user-friendly by better safe guarding (with code) against incorrect data entries customers less familiar with the forms might inadvertently make.

The Proforma Form

This is the form used to make adjustments to the Proforma Income Statement regarding future revenues projected for a rental property.

The description header was modified, as were the form labels. Under each category such as Rental Income, the previous labels were replaced with labels that now read Adjustment 1, Adjustment 2 and so on. Behind the scenes, the VBA code will help ensure that the user completes each adjustment in the proper sequence.

New Look (click image to enlarge)


The UserInfo Form

This is the form provided in the software that collects the user’s profile and business information for inclusion in the real estate analysis reports.

The “Post today’s date” feature – enables users to automatically add the current date to all reports – was modified. The selection will now reflect today’s date rather than the text “post today’s date”. The thirty-second delay required for the software to post the date has been modified to coincide with actual data change, not simply attempting to reenter the same date, or deleting an empty field.

How to Obtain

If you are currently using Executive 10 software, login to your Customer Account page from the ProAPOD website using your email address and password. You will find the download under Updates.

So You Know

Executive 10 software is ProAPOD’s platinum-grade real estate investment software solution with in-depth cash flow analysis and marketing presentations.

James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.