The Easy Online Real Estate Calculator Option to Hand-held Calculators

calc-smallSeveral years ago I developed Pro RE Calculator because I wanted the ability to make the same-type real estate calculations made by hand-held calculators, but with less effort and time than it normally takes with a hand-held calculator.

For despite their reliability and accuracy, the series of steps and key-stroke entries hand-held calculators require to produce the result is also painfully time-consuming (at least for the more complex real estate calculations). With my Pro RE Calculator solution it’s much easier, faster, and a whole lot less frustrating (even the complex ones).

You simply select one of the categories – mortgages, time value of money, cash flows, tax shelter or real estate investment – choose the calculation you want to make, than fill in the appropriate form and hit the Calculate button. It virtually takes just a few seconds to get the result along with a “solution” table so you understand the computation.


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For example, if you’re trying to arrive at the annual depreciation allowance for either a rental income or commercial property, the solution table enables you to see the various formulations required to arrive at the result.

Or maybe you’re a CCIM candidate trying to compute financial management rate of return (FMRR). Again, very cumbersome with an HP10 or HP12 (I know from experience), but now made extremely easy with my Pro RE Calculator online solution.

Yes, it required a lot more coding on my part to provide these functions. But my intention is to help you learn the nuances associated with all things related to real estate in addition to making the calculations.

Okay, but as a teacher-at-heart I didn’t stop there. I’ve also included the formulas to many of the computations so you know how they’re calculated. For instance, you can learn the formulas for cap rate, gross rent multiplier, cash-on-cash return and cash flow after taxes along with many others (many others).

Just so you know. My Pro RE Calculator solution was selected as a prerequisite for classroom use at Southwestern College Kansas because the Corporate Finance instructor saw that the solution covered the time value of money calculations in an “easy-to-use format” that he deemed beneficial for his students.

My Pro RE Calculator solution normally retails at $79.95, but you can purchase it totally risk-free for just $29.95. What does that mean? It means that you can purchase and try it for 5 days and get your money refunded in full if you decide not to keep it, no questions asked. Just let me know via email or phone that you want a refund and it’s done.

Why the discount? It was my original intention to provide a solid alternative to hand-held financial calculators with more functions and features and I want the real estate and education communities to reap the benefit.

Go to Pro RE Calculator special discount to preview all the calculations you can make along with several screenshots.  Remember, you save $50 off the retail price and pay just $29.95 totally risk-free for this unique online real estate calculator.


James Kobzeff

James Kobzeff has over thirty years experience as a realtor and investment real estate specialist. He is the developer of ProAPOD real estate investment software and freely shares his real estate investing articles.