NEW: Article on Rental Property Evaluation

A new article on rental property evaluation that shows real estate investors and agents how to quickly and easily estimate a rental property’s value has been posted on the ProAPOD website entitled “2 Easy Ways to Quickly Estimate a Rental Property’s Value”.

The article explains the meaning and formulation for Gross Rent Multiplier and Capitalization Rate, and then shows how each can be used to compute an estimated value for any particular rental income property. Here’s an excerpt:

“Sometimes it helps to be able to calculate a rental income property’s estimated value just as a quick first-glance look to determine whether its in line with similar properties in the local market area…not to provide a true picture of a property’s profitability, but just to help decide whether or not it even comes close to being a good real estate investment opportunity”

The article is free to read courtesy of ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software.

NEW: Article on Break-even Ratio

A new article to help real estate investors and agents understand the Break-even Ratio has been posted on the ProAPOD website entitled “How to Compute Your Investment Property’s Break-Even Ratio”.

The article explains the meaning of the ratio, why lenders use it when they are considering to underwrite a loan for rental income property, and the formula. Here’s an excerpt:

“Anyone who has been around real estate investing for any length of time is undoubtedly familiar with the term, Break-even Ratio, yet may not have a clue what is and why it’s used. So it seemed like a good idea to explain it.

Break-Even Ratio (or BER) is commonly used by lenders when they’re considering to underwrite a loan…”

The article is free to read courtesy of ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software.

NEW: Article on the Benefits of Real Estate Investment Software

The article. “7 Ways Software Can Help Anyone Service Income Property”, written by James Kobzeff, the owner and developer of ProAPOD, was posted on ProAPOD’s real estate investment softwarewebsite on April 13, 2017.

The article shows real estate brokers, agents and investors seven ways that a quality software program can help them service investment real estate. For instance, never having to learn the various formulas required to compute property cash flows and rates of return because they are built-in to the software and compute automatically as you enter the property data.

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So You Know

This is just one of many real estate investing articles freely available for reading to visitors of the ProAPOD website. To see the complete directory of articles, videos, and other helpful investor resources, visit the ProAPOD Learning Center…

NEW: Highest and Best Use Article

A new article entitled “Why Real Estate Investors Should Consider Highest and Best Use”, has been written by James Kobzeff, the owner and developer of ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software, and was posted on the ProAPOD website, Mar 3, 2017.

The article intends to encourage real estate investors to consider each of their real estate investment properties in light of the highest and best use concept. Included are several examples of the types of property that might have more than one use and can yield a hidden profit with respect to its “highest and best use.”

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Highest and best use is just one of many real estate investing articles freely available for reading to visitors of the ProAPOD website. To see the complete directory of articles, videos, and other helpful investor resources, visit the ProAPOD Learning Center…

Sales Proceeds Calculation {Video}

I made a video to illustrate a quick and easy way property sellers can estimate how much cash they can expect to receive as sales proceeds due to a sale.

This video will walk you through a sample sales proceeds calculation using the sales proceeds calculator included in my iCalculator suite of online real estate calculators.

The result is based upon a couple of entries in the user-friendly form and is the proceeds before income taxes. To learn more about iCalculator visit the site

ProAPOD Listed as a Top-ten Real Estate Investment Software

According to Jeremy Cyrier, well-known CCIM instructor, author, commercial real estate brokerage owner and investor, ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software is on his list of of top-ten real estate software solutions.

Why? Because all the real estate software solutions provided by ProAPOD are easy-to-use, concise and accurate as well as absolutely 100% professional quality.

To learn more about ProAPOD go to ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software to preview all the advantages. A full description is given along with screenshots so you know what you’re paying for.


The Print Preview Glitch Caused by Excel 2013 is Fixed

One of the important features provided by all ProAPOD real estate investment software solutions is the ability for users to easily preview the real estate analysis reports prior to printing.  From the release of ProAPOD in 2000 this has always the way it’s been. The user simply clicks Print Preview on our customized toolbar, selects the appropriate report , and instantly the selected report appears in a preview window.

About a week ago, however, it was brought to our attention by several customers using Excel 2013 that the Print Preview would hang in a perpetual loading motion that would not display the report. Worse still, that the window could only be closed by shutting down ProAPOD completely. This is not good.

But this was new to us  because ProAPOD has continued to perform perfectly in all aspects through Excel 2010, so, of course, we were highly concerned to uncover the problem and to resolve the issue.

After applying several suggestions made by others we discovered on the web without success, we continued to search until we found the culprit. Namely, that with Excel 2013 the VBA procedure that calls for print preview needed to be modified.

I’m happy to say that all three ProAPOD real estate investing software solutions have been tested in Excel 2013 and the Print Preview function now works perfectly.

Real Estate Investing Tutorial Videos Available

Trying to learn real estate investing nuances and formulas? ProAPOD real estate investing software has created a number of videos ranging from How to Calculate Cash Flow After Tax to How to Construct an Annual Property Operating Data (APOD).

These videos are free-to-watch and require no registration. The full list of videos can be found on the ProAPOD website at Learning Center > Tutorial Videos.

Why not watch and learn?

The videos are reasonably short, and they are designed to teach. Best of all, they are absolutely free to watch right on the site without obligation.

iCalculator Has Gone Responsive



Given the public trend to access the web from mobile devices such as phones, tablets and pads along with the more conventional desktop computers, it seemed needful to enhance iCalculator by making it “responsive” to mobile devices.

So after many long months, I have successfully applied this fluid-grid approach to my popular online real estate calculator (click left image to enlarge).

As a result, customers will now enjoy an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). Yes, iCalculator will now automatically fit small, medium, and large screens without you having to adjust anything on the screen.

The calculations all perform as required in all devices and across all browser platforms (i.e., Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE), however, the program does not format correctly on older versions of IE. So if you prefer IE, it’s recommended that you use IE 9+ to enjoy all the enhancements.

Of course, this is a work-in-progress, so it would be very much appreciated to get your feedback. I want to know what you think, any unfriendly issues you might encounter, and your suggestions how I might improve this innovative calculator solution.

If you are a current user of iCalculator you need do nothing. The newly modified calculator will be there the next time you access it.

Try It

I’ve provided a sample for you to preview. Open it with various devices to see how it responds; or open it on your PC or MAC desktop computer and shrink the window from large to small.

Please understand, however, that all of the functions have purposely been turned off so nothing will work in this sample EXCEPT FOR the Mortgage PI computation. Naturally everything will work in the actual solution.

Please click here to give it a try open the responsive sample…

So You Know

In case you’re wondering, iCalculator is a suite of 55 calculators arranged under the following categories: Mortgage, Time Value, Cash Flows, Tax Shelter, and Investment. Each calculator includes an easy-to-complete form, explanation, definition, example, and with many calculations, the formula.

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