NEW: Upgrade to Executive 10 Option

ProAPOD real estate investment software customers currently using our Agent 6 software solution can now upgrade to our Executive 10 software solution very easily.

  1. Simply login to your account
  2. Click the UPGRADE button located on your dashboard
  3. Follow the purchase instructions
  4. After your purchase, you will find 2 downloads for “Upgrade – Agent 6 to Executive 10”. Click the DOWNLOAD button and follow the installation instructions.

The Installation

The upgrade installation will overwrite your current version of Agent 6. Therefore, the next time you open ProAPOD you will be opening the newly installed Executive 10 software solution; whereas other files previously saved with your Agent 6 software solution will not be overwritten. For instance, if you previously saved a project called ABC Apartments, it will still exist in your saved folder as a fully functional Agent 6 file. And, of course, all future projects saved with Executive 10 will be saved as a fully functional Executive 10 file.

In other words, you will have the benefit of having both fully functional solutions on your computer by installing this upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The primary feature added with the Executive 10 real estate investment software solution is inclusion of tax shelter elements. But there is also the time value of money elements, the FlashForm tool, four more reports, and five charts. You can preview all these features on the ProAPOD website at Executive 10 real estate investment software.

To compare the two software solutions, go to compare solutions.


The price for the upgrade is $130.00.

Executive 10 price less Agent 6 price equals the upgrade price
$279.95 – 149.95 = 130.00

ProAPOD Changes Its Software Solutions’ Names

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software made some changes to it’s solutions.

  • Investor 8 is no longer available for purchase. After eight years, we decided to no longer market Investor 8 as one of our real estate investor software solutions. It does not affect any current users.
  • Analysis 10 has had its name changed to Executive 10. Still the same great real estate investing software it has been for the past ten years, just gave it a new name.
  • Analysis 6 has had its name changed to Agent 6. Still the same great real estate analysis software it has been since 2000, just gave it a new name.

PDF Printing Update Coming to ProAPOD

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software is currently in the throws of updating the PDF printing function for all three of it’s real estate investing software solutions.

Along with some with some general house keeping and refreshing of the forms and toolbar commands, the primary focus is to make PDF printing easier so users can create a PDF report with less effort.

Although ProAPOD currently provides customers a way to print their reports as a PDF, it does require the customer to install a third-party PDF software program. And though highly efficient, these third-party programs have not been particularly easy for some customers to understand and easily use.

To make PDF printing easier, ProAPOD is recoding the procedures in each of it’s real estate investment software solutions. Once completed, the user will be able to simply select the real estate analysis and marketing reports he or she wants to create as a PDF and click one button. The rest will be fully automatic. The user will find the the PDF in the location on the computer he or she saved it completely ready to be distributed.

This PDF printing update, however, will only benefit customers using Windows Vista and Excel 7 or newer. Unfortunately, older versions of Windows and Excel are not compatible with the coding required to provide this update. Customers using Windows XP, for instance, will still have to rely upon third-party PDF software.

This update should be available by the end of October barring any unsuspected issues. If you have questions, please feel free to call me so we can discuss it further.

So You Know

ProAPOD provides three real estate analysis software solutions that are each concisely designed to make it easy for realtors and real estate investors to create rental property cash flow analysis and marketing reports.



Last Chance for 2013 Tax Write-off on Real Estate Software

As January 1 quickly approaches, you are given just a few days more to make an investment in your real estate business as well as to take advantage of writing the investment off your income taxes for 2013 with a beneficial real estate software solution.

ProAPOD provides four powerful and affordable real estate software solutions that you should consider to accomplish both. So you gain the benefit of having the best real estate evaluation software available on the web and save tax dollars at the same time.

Agent 6

agent 6The primary essentials to create professional cash flow analysis and marketing presentations when you just want to get started with income property analysis at the greatest value.

Service any multi-family property like a pro quickly, effortlessly, and with 100% professional-quality results. Our recommendation for any real estate agent or investor who is considering rental property analysis for the first time and wants the basic elements, calculations, and reports to hit the ground running.


TWO downloads for two computers
NO subscription fees
FREE telephone support

System Requirements:
MS Windows and Excel

Learn more about Agent 6…

Investor 8

Investor 8An affordable ‘deep-level’ cash flow analysis solution when you’re a novice investor who just wants all the robust elements to make ‘expert’ acquisitions for casual investing.

Know your ‘real’ profit and rate of return before you shell out your money on any investment property. Our recommendation for casual ‘mom and pop’ investors who are investing for their future (perhaps for retirement).


TWO downloads for two computers
NO subscription fees
FREE telephone support

System Requirements:
MS Windows and Excel

Learn more about Investor 8…

Executive 10

Executive 10Our ultimate deep-level cash flow analysis and marketing real estate software solution when you plan to remain actively engaged with investment real estate property.

Start, build or grow your real estate business with the most complete range of elements, features, and reports. Our recommendation for agents and investors who plan to engage in rental property evaluations as an ongoing business.


Just $279.95
TWO downloads for two computers
NO subscription fees
FREE telephone support

System Requirements:
MS Windows and Excel

Learn more about Executive 10…


iCalculatorMake dozens of real estate calculations in seconds with just a few entries in a user-friendly form…PLUS learn the definitions and formulas as you calculate.

The innovative way to make complex calculations with ease while you learn the nuances of real estate investing. Our recommendation for anyone who wants to avoid using a hand-held financial calculator to make the most popular real estate calculations.


$24.95 (64% off retail)
24/7 online access
NO subscription fees
Unlimited FREE updates

System Requirements:
24/7 mobile online access from any device

Learn more about iCalculator…


About ProAPOD Executive 10

Executive 10 is ProAPOD’s platinum-grade real estate analysis solution with full tax shelter and time value consideration, cash flow analysis and projections, marketing reports, and a myriad of advanced features.

With this solution, real estate agents and investors (experienced or not) can quickly and easily analyze the cash flows and profitability of any-size rental property (before and after taxes), as well as create a marketing package and executive summary when the property is listed for sale.

So it is an ideal software solution if you are seriously engaged in buying, listing, and selling rental property and want to start, build or grow that rental property investment business activity.


Executive 10 was developed in 2005 by ProAPOD following a string of requests from customers asking us to provide a software program with cash flow and rates of return computed after taxes as well as before taxes.

So we took our flagship software solution released earlier in 2000 (Agent 6) and beefed it up with elements for both tax shelter and time value of money.

The result is this real estate investing software solution (which has since become our most popular).


Executive 10 is a “deep-level” real estate analysis and marketing program. So agents, real estate investors, and other analysts can evaluate the profitability of income-producing properties (with full consideration for income taxes and time value) as well as create complete marketing presentations.


A number of innovative features such as multiple depreciation schedules, a passive losses selection, and multiple cash flow projections options (for instance).


Automatically computed for all the essential rates of return. Such as Cap Rate, Gross Rent Multiplier and Cash on Cash Return.

As well the more complex calculations associated with time value of money such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV).

Plus those associated with tax shelter. For instance, depreciation allowance, mortgage interest, loan point amortization, cash flow after taxes, sales proceeds after taxes (just to name a few).


A wide-range, all exceptional-quality, created in minutes, and each only requires the user to fill in the forms.

As a sampling, these include an APOD, Proforma Income Statement, Rent Roll, Property Photo Page, Comparative Market Analysis, Sales Proceeds. Of course there are many more reports (including charts), but you get the idea.

Price and Terms

Two licensed software downloads that include free updates for one full year. A one-time payment of just $279.95 (no annual subscription or renewal fees).

System Requirements

PC or compatible with Windows 98 (or later) and Microsoft Excel 97 (or later).

Learn More

You can discover all the calculations and features, as well as preview reports and screen shots starting from our website at ProAPOD Rental Property Investment Software or directly on our page for EXECUTIVE 10.

Are ProAPOD Trial Versions Available?

ProAPOD real estate investment software has been providing the finest real estate investing software solutions to real estate investors and brokers at the greatest value since 2000.

I do not, however, provide trial versions for any of my software solutions.

What I do provide is an extremely informative web site with lots of detail about the ProAPOD software solutions, including screenshots of the forms and reports as well as a comprehensive list of the calculations, features, and options.

I also make it very easy for you to contact me with questions via email or telephone. Tell me what you’re objective is and I’ll honestly suggest which solution best fits your need (or whether even at all).


ProAPOD Executive 10 Software Updated

executive 10 softwareProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has just released an update for it’s Executive 10 real estate investing software solution.

The update primarily deals with features associated with several of this solution’s forms, including modifications to form description headers, form labels, and form label comments.  All of which was felt would help eliminate the confusion that some customers were occasionally experiencing when using Executive 10 software for the first time.

Some modification to the VBA code associated with several forms was also written. Generally to make the forms more user-friendly by better safe guarding (with code) against incorrect data entries customers less familiar with the forms might inadvertently make.

The Proforma Form

This is the form used to make adjustments to the Proforma Income Statement regarding future revenues projected for a rental property.

The description header was modified, as were the form labels. Under each category such as Rental Income, the previous labels were replaced with labels that now read Adjustment 1, Adjustment 2 and so on. Behind the scenes, the VBA code will help ensure that the user completes each adjustment in the proper sequence.

New Look (click image to enlarge)


The UserInfo Form

This is the form provided in the software that collects the user’s profile and business information for inclusion in the real estate analysis reports.

The “Post today’s date” feature – enables users to automatically add the current date to all reports – was modified. The selection will now reflect today’s date rather than the text “post today’s date”. The thirty-second delay required for the software to post the date has been modified to coincide with actual data change, not simply attempting to reenter the same date, or deleting an empty field.

How to Obtain

If you are currently using Executive 10 software, login to your Customer Account page from the ProAPOD website using your email address and password. You will find the download under Updates.

So You Know

Executive 10 software is ProAPOD’s platinum-grade real estate investment software solution with in-depth cash flow analysis and marketing presentations.

ProAPOD Software Solutions Updated!

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has updated all three of its investment software solutions – Executive 10, Investor 8, Agent 6.

There are some changes to all three solutions that effectively are common to all three solutions, and some changes that are more specific to each solution. We’ll discuss both.

Common to All

  • A link to our online Help file has been added to Windows “All Programs” menu. This means you can open and read the Help file for your solution right from your desktop by clicking Start > All Programs > ProAPOD (or ProAPOD INVESTOR) > Help File (Online).

Specific to the Solution

Executive 10 – Agent 6
  • Corrected the Save function. Previous versions gave two prompts to Save when closing the program. This was redundant so we eliminated the second prompt. The result is a faster, more responsive Close.
  • Eliminated the ProAPOD SAVED FILES folder to resolve issues caused primarily by Vista. The update will not delete the folder if it already exists on your computer, so your saved projects are safe. We just don’t want future installations to include it. We recommend that all saved projects be saved in the primary ProAPOD folder.
  • Added a new desktop shortcut icon labeled “ProAPOD Files Folder”. This is intended to replace the previous “ProAPOD SAVED FILES” icon. Both point to the same folder so you are safe to delete the “ProAPOD SAVED FILES” icon.
Investor 8
  • Renamed the “ProAPOD INVESTOR” desktop shortcut to “ProAPOD Investor”. This was done for aesthetic purposes only because they both will open the program. You are safe to delete the previous “ProAPOD INVESTOR” desktop shortcut.
  • Added a new desktop shortcut labeled “ProAPOD Investor Files Folder”. This will allow you to access your saved projects from your desktop.

Although every effort has been made to insure the intended results for these modifications, please contact me immediately if you encounter a problem.


ProAPOD Executive 10 Software Updated

executive 10 softwareProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has updated it’s real estate investing software solution Executive 10. It is available for immediate download to existing Executive 10 customers.

This update was released on 2/14/2003, however, so if you purchased this software solution after that date, you are already using the most current version and DO NOT need to update.

You can install the update at your convenience. Simply login to your account from our website at real estate investment software and download the new version located under the heading Updates.

What’s New

It is now possible for you to add your company logo image to the Cover Sheet, Marketing Package, and Executive Summary. Furthermore, you can now add your personal picture to the Executive Summary.

  1. Cover Sheet (add company logo)
  2. Marketing Package (add company logo)
  3. Executive Summary (add company logo and personal picture)

You can preview these updated reports at Executive 10 Reports.

Bear in mind, however, that you must install the update unto a computer where Executive 10 is currently installed. It will not install on a computer where the current software solution already resides.

So You Know

Executive 10 is a rental property financial analysis and marketing solution for real estate professionals who want to include all elements of tax shelter and time value of money in the revenue projections. Learn more at real estate investing software.


Executive 10: Software Updated

ProAPOD has updated it’s Executive 10 real estate investing software solution. If you are a current Executive 10 customer, you can obtain this update by logging in to your account page. From the ProAPOD website click the Login link in the upper right-hand corner.

This ambitious software update has been in the making for the past four weeks. Here are some of the major improvements.

  1. The Assumptions report has been modified to include more analysis details about the property. For example, it provides specific information about all three loans (when applicable). The previous version only included details for the first loan. It also now includes an itemized list for Other Income and Miscellaneous operating expenses. In other words, all the entries you make on the Income and Expenses forms are now included. The previous version did not show these items. It also now includes the details for capital additions and funding (when applicable). The previous version did not show capital additions. The report has also been developed to be “smart”; that is, it will only show the data you include for the property so there is no wasted space on the report for items without data.
  2. The APOD has been modified in primarily two ways. The amount for “Replacement Reserves” has been relocated from the Operating Expenses and will show as a deduction from the Net Operating Income (when applicable). Since these reserves are not really an operating expense it seemed better suited to merely show it as a deduction from income. The APOD will also show non-funded first-year capital additions as a deduction from income. In other words, if you are planning capital additions in the first year for $25,000 and are going to borrow $15,000 to cover those additions, the APOD will show those details and deduct the non-funded amount (i.e.,$10,000) from the Net Operating Income. The APOD has also been developed to be “smart”; that is, it will automatically format to show only data that you include in the forms so there is no wasted space on the report for items without data.
  3. The Proforma form has been modified to make it easier to inflate income and expenses (when applicable) as well as adjust the vacancy rate (when applicable). Executive 10 has always enabled you to adjust income, expenses and vacancy rate up to three times for the Proforma Income Statement; this new form will just make it easier to understand and process.
  4. The Print process has been restructured to make it more seamless. This will be particularly noticeable when  printing a PDF. Rather than handling each report selection separately as before with PDF printing, in this update all your selections are handled as one unit. This makes the process faster, easier, and much more seamless. A Help file has also been added to the Print menu with instructions on how to create the PDF.
  5. Other modifications made to some of the forms and menus are not as significant but worth mentioning because they will enhance your experience when using the software.

It should also be noted that we also eliminated the dollar symbol option and calculator from the software. Neither provided a strong benefit and were deemed unnecessary extra “baggage” that the software would function better without.

You can preview some of the modified reports at Real Estate Investing Software Reports. Click the link “Full Analysis Sample” (opens as a PDF).

Although every effort has been made to insure that the software works correctly, please notify me immediately if you encounter an issue that needs to be fixed.