NEW: Upgrade to Executive 10 Option

ProAPOD real estate investment software customers currently using our Agent 6 software solution can now upgrade to our Executive 10 software solution very easily.

  1. Simply login to your account
  2. Click the UPGRADE button located on your dashboard
  3. Follow the purchase instructions
  4. After your purchase, you will find 2 downloads for “Upgrade – Agent 6 to Executive 10”. Click the DOWNLOAD button and follow the installation instructions.

The Installation

The upgrade installation will overwrite your current version of Agent 6. Therefore, the next time you open ProAPOD you will be opening the newly installed Executive 10 software solution; whereas other files previously saved with your Agent 6 software solution will not be overwritten. For instance, if you previously saved a project called ABC Apartments, it will still exist in your saved folder as a fully functional Agent 6 file. And, of course, all future projects saved with Executive 10 will be saved as a fully functional Executive 10 file.

In other words, you will have the benefit of having both fully functional solutions on your computer by installing this upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The primary feature added with the Executive 10 real estate investment software solution is inclusion of tax shelter elements. But there is also the time value of money elements, the FlashForm tool, four more reports, and five charts. You can preview all these features on the ProAPOD website at Executive 10 real estate investment software.

To compare the two software solutions, go to compare solutions.


The price for the upgrade is $130.00.

Executive 10 price less Agent 6 price equals the upgrade price
$279.95 – 149.95 = 130.00

Agent 6 Update

ProAPOD released an updated version of it’s Agent 6 real estate investment software on 10-22-2014.

What Was Changed
  • The Read Me page was reworded to make the instructions easier for new customers to understand.
  • Many of the explanations provided in the form headers were reworded for better clarity.
  • The UserInfo form was reformatted to modify how a date can be added to the reports. Rather than enabling customers to include just the current date into the reports, the form now allows customers to include any date they wish.
  • The Print menu was reformatted. Rather than having the customer check boxes for the various report selections, the menu now consists of a list of selections that the customer can highlight.
  • The Help page on the Print menu was reworded to make it easier for customers to understand how to print the reports as a PDF.
Bottom Line

The changes made to Agent 6 is mostly cosmetic. But the result is effective.

If you purchased Agent 6 within the last year, this update is absolutely free. Just login to your Customer Account and download the Update.


Are ProAPOD Trial Versions Available?

ProAPOD real estate investment software has been providing the finest real estate investing software solutions to real estate investors and brokers at the greatest value since 2000.

I do not, however, provide trial versions for any of my software solutions.

What I do provide is an extremely informative web site with lots of detail about the ProAPOD software solutions, including screenshots of the forms and reports as well as a comprehensive list of the calculations, features, and options.

I also make it very easy for you to contact me with questions via email or telephone. Tell me what you’re objective is and I’ll honestly suggest which solution best fits your need (or whether even at all).


ProAPOD Software Solutions Updated!

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has updated all three of its investment software solutions – Executive 10, Investor 8, Agent 6.

There are some changes to all three solutions that effectively are common to all three solutions, and some changes that are more specific to each solution. We’ll discuss both.

Common to All

  • A link to our online Help file has been added to Windows “All Programs” menu. This means you can open and read the Help file for your solution right from your desktop by clicking Start > All Programs > ProAPOD (or ProAPOD INVESTOR) > Help File (Online).

Specific to the Solution

Executive 10 – Agent 6
  • Corrected the Save function. Previous versions gave two prompts to Save when closing the program. This was redundant so we eliminated the second prompt. The result is a faster, more responsive Close.
  • Eliminated the ProAPOD SAVED FILES folder to resolve issues caused primarily by Vista. The update will not delete the folder if it already exists on your computer, so your saved projects are safe. We just don’t want future installations to include it. We recommend that all saved projects be saved in the primary ProAPOD folder.
  • Added a new desktop shortcut icon labeled “ProAPOD Files Folder”. This is intended to replace the previous “ProAPOD SAVED FILES” icon. Both point to the same folder so you are safe to delete the “ProAPOD SAVED FILES” icon.
Investor 8
  • Renamed the “ProAPOD INVESTOR” desktop shortcut to “ProAPOD Investor”. This was done for aesthetic purposes only because they both will open the program. You are safe to delete the previous “ProAPOD INVESTOR” desktop shortcut.
  • Added a new desktop shortcut labeled “ProAPOD Investor Files Folder”. This will allow you to access your saved projects from your desktop.

Although every effort has been made to insure the intended results for these modifications, please contact me immediately if you encounter a problem.


ProAPOD Agent 6 Software Updated

real estate agent softwareProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has added an exciting new feature to it’s real estate agent software solution Agent 6. It is available for immediate download to customers.

If you are currently using  Agent 6, you can install the update at your convenience. Simply login to your account from our website and download the new version located under the heading Updates.

Okay, let me tell you what this new updated version will now allow you to quickly and easily add to your property presentations.

Your Company Logo

It is now possible for you to add your company logo image to both the Cover Sheet and Marketing Package.

1. Cover Sheet:
Agent 6 company logo update

 [click image to enlarge]

2. Marketing Package

agent 6 logo update

[click image to enlarge]

Bear in mind, however, that you must install the update unto a computer where Agent 6 is currently installed. It will not install on a computer where the current software solution already resides.

So You Know

Agent 6 is a rental property analysis and marketing solution developed for agents and investors who want to get started servicing rental income properties. Learn more at real estate agent software.


Agent 6: Software Updated

marketing package modification

Marketing Package with AMR

ProAPOD has updated its real estate agent software solution, Agent 6. To obtain your update simply login to your account from the ProAPOD website and click the Download button under Updates.

Here are the changes.

The Marketing Package has been modified to include the “Average Monthly Rents” (AMR) for each unit configuration. This entry was removed from the marketing package report several years ago due to space restraints caused by some other modifications made at that time. However, it was brought to our attention that having the average monthly rents for each configuration displayed in the report was helpful, so we brought it back.

The issue occurred because we added the option to select “Warehouse” as a type of property on the PropInfo form in the former update. With this option available we had to provide enough space on the marketing package to account for a large amount of square footage (which can occur with warehouse space) and as a result had to do away with the average monthly rent display.

Upon further consideration, though, it seemed better to remove the “Warehouse” selection option from this software solution in order to once again display the AMR for each unit configuration in the Marketing Package because we feel that users of Real Estate Agent 6 will benefit more.

Agent 6: Software Adds New Features

ProAPOD has updated it’s popular real estate agent software solution with lots of exciting new features that will make doing a real estate analysis at an extremely affordable price even better than ever.

If you’re not familiar with ProAPOD Agent 6 allow me to summarize before we discuss what has been updated.

Agent 6 is ProAPOD’s flagship rental property analysis software for those who want to get involved with rental property analysis with all the rock-solid essential elements needed to do it correctly at the lowest price possible. This is the software solution that ProAPOD introduced to the real estate community in 2000 and later was recognized by REALTOR©Magazine in their May 2003 issue as a “Cool Tool”.

Originally labeled ProAPOD Multifamily Analysis and Marketing Software, the name was later changed to ProAPOD Real Estate Agent Software (or Agent 6.0) to help set it apart from the two other investment analysis software solutions developed by ProAPOD in subsequent years. The thought behind the new name was simply to indicate that this would be a logical selection by most real estate agents who are looking to work with with rental properties occasionally and not as a full-time endeavor. In other words, it was meant to signify to agents whose primary business is residential property that they would find everything they need in this solution to sometimes work with multifamily property. Though even this is somewhat misleading because Agent 6 is currently used nationwide by agents, investors, appraisers, and financial consultants.

What makes Agent 6 so special is that it creates a range of real estate analysis reports that are absolutely superior but without the consideration for tax shelter or time value of money. That is, it creates an APOD, Proforma Income Statement, Rent Roll, Marketing Package and a range of other reports and rates of return required to list and sell income property that include the “before taxes” calculations but at the same time intends to fit the budget for  users that commonly might want a rental property analysis without the more robust “after taxes” calculations.

Okay, so what have we added to our real estate software solution?

  1. Comparative Market Analysis – Previously only available in Executive 10, this will enable you to create a full market analysis on comparative properties to see how your subject income property stacks up against what has already been available on the local market.
  2. Capital Additions – Previously only available in Executive 10,  this will enable you to include an amount and funding for capital additions for years 1-10 by month. The earlier version of Agent 6 only permitted an amount for capital additions in the first year.
  3. Photo Page – Previously only available in Investor 4 and Executive 10, this will enable you to include six additional photos of a property in your presentation.
  4. Loan-to-Interest Table – Previously only available in Investor 4 and Executive 10, this enables you to see a range of financial returns based upon various loan amounts and interest rates.

There are some other changes to this income property software solution that are more subtle and won’t be discussed here. However, it is important for you to understand that the best, most affordable real estate analysis software available on the market anywhere just got better and didn’t add one cent to it’s already low price of $149.95.

About ProAPOD Agent 6 Real Estate Agent Software

Real Estate Agent 6ProAPOD AGENT 6 real estate agent software was developed to provide residential real estate agents and others typically less engaged with real estate investing the rock-solid essential elements to soundly get started working with rental income properties.

The software was developed in 2000 primarily because there was no easy and economical way for residential agents who also wanted to service income property to conduct a real estate analysis.

With this popular flagship solution agents can create compelling cash flow analysis and marketing reports for their multifamily property listing and selling presentations or make “on the spot” presentations when the need arises (i.e., investor up-calls and walk-ins).


AGENT 6 was originally intended for my own investment property business after discovering that other solutions available where certainly not easy to use and far too expensive. Soon thereafter I developed it into a MS Excel application and began marketing because my colleagues also wanted it.

In a Nutshell

AGENT 6 real estate agent software is a complete cash flow analysis and marketing solution that contains all the right elements to service multifamily properties short of tax shelter and time value of money. That is, it computes the cash flows and rates of return on a before taxes basis.

This is perfectly acceptable and has proven to be a highly effective (and economical) way to provide the rock-solid essentials for those who prefer to work with rental properties at a professional “ground floor” level. I personally sold numerous income-producing properties ranging from duplexes to multiple-unit apartment complexes with this software.

Special Features

AGENT 6 calculates both USA (default setting) and Canadian mortgages to accommodate our friends in Canada. The user simply makes the selection right on the form and the program will adjust the loan amortization calculations.

Reports (at a glance)

  • APOD
  • Proforma Income Statement
  • Rent Roll
  • Rent Scenarios
  • Acquisition
  • Marketing Package
  • See the entire list

Features (at a glance)

  • Unlimited units
  • User-friendly
  • Automatic calculations
  • One-click picture function
  • Integrated name-rider
  • See the entire list

Price and Terms

  • TWO licensed software downloads for two computers!
  • FREE software updates and support for one year!
  • NO subscription or renewal fees!
  • Price: $149.95

System Requirements

  • PC or compatible
  • Windows 98 and later
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or later
  • MAC with MAC Office 4.2 or MAC Office 11

Learn More

You can preview sample reports, screen shots, and purchase AGENT 6 real estate agent software by going to

The Perfect Solution for Starting Multifamily Property Analysis and Marketing

real estate agent softwareProAPOD’s AGENT 6 real estate agent software provides residential agents and others typically less engaged with multifamily property the rock-solid essential elements to soundly get involved with multifamily properties.

With this popular flagship solution you can create compelling cash flow analysis and marketing reports needed for listing and selling presentations, or to make “on the spot” presentations when the need arises.

AGENT 6 real estate agent software contains all the right elements short of tax shelter and time value so residential real estate agents and others looking to get involved with multifamily property listings and sales can jump in affordably at a professional ground floor level.

You get all the right rates of returns, reports, and features you need create quality cash flow and marketing presentations required when listing and selling multifamily properties.

AGENT 6 also calculates both USA (default setting) and Canadian mortgages so it is ideal for real estate agents in Canada who work with income-producing property. The method is very simple: you just select the option from the software’s toolbar to change the default setting from USA amortization to Canadian amortization.

Why not service multifamily property like a pro?  It has proven to increase an agent’s chances to capture more walk-ins and call-ins, service more customers, and get more colleague referrals. Learn more about this software solution (including screen shots and sample reports) at http:www.real-estate-agent-software.html.


Why To Upgrade ProAPOD From Agent 6 to Executive 10

YIf you are currently using our real estate agent software solution (Real Estate Agent 6.0) then I’m certain that you are pleased with how easy the software is to use and how great the reports are that you need to create. However, are you aware that our real estate investing software solution (Executive 10.0) does that and a lot more? Best of all, as a current user of real estate Agent 6 you can upgrade at a minimal cost.

Okay, let’s consider the great features you are currently enjoying in Real Estate Agent Software 6.0:

  1. Before taxes cash flow analysis
  2. Before taxes rates of return
  3. 13 professional-quality reports including an APOD, proforma income statement, rent roll, marketing package, amortization schedules, and more.

Okay, now with our real estate investing software solution Executive 10.0 you get everything in our real estate agent’s software solution plus this:

  1. After taxes cash flow analysis
  2. After taxes rates of return
  3. Rates of return affected by time value of money such as net present value, internal rate of return, and more
  4. 26 professional-quality reports (including 5 charts)
  5. Two photo pages so you can include 12 additional photos of your rental property in every presentation
  6. An Executive Summary that you can use for marketing your rental properties along with the Marketing Package (enables you to include your company logo and provides you with more opportunities to add detailed information about the property)
  7. Comparable Market Analysis so you can compare data between your property to other properties in the area
  8. A Projects Comparison report so you can retrieve other projects you created into one table and easily compare the data of each
  9. Flash-form feature that will allow you to arrive at the bottom line of a rental property’s financial performance without having to fill-in the forms
  10. Currency symbol selection so you can have your reports reflect other currency symbols besides the dollar symbol

You get the idea.

Executive 10.0 is every bit as user-friendly as Real Estate Agent 6.0 but it provides you many more options, features, and reports. So you can take your real estate analysis to a deeper level. Better yet, you can upgrade for just $139.95. Simply login to your account and click the button to upgrade from your real estate agent software solution (6.0) to the real estate investing software solution (10.0) the follow the online instructions to complete the purchase. Once you log back in you will find two new downloads.