The Best Way to Make Real Estate Calculations Quickly

Salem, Oregon (PRWEB) June 19, 2017

ProAPOD, a leading provider of real estate investment software since 2000, choose to develop an entire suite of real estate calculators named iCalculator specifically so users can compute financial calculations quicker, easier, and with less effort than with a handheld calculator.

iCalculator is able to achieve this because it utterly changes the way calculations are made. A handheld calculator requires the user to depress a sequence of keystrokes, and in some cases (at least for the more complex computations), the need to follow an instruction manual. iCalculator, on the other hand, collects the data in clearly labeled forms. There are no series of keystrokes, and no need for an instruction manual…even for highly complex computations. The user merely completes the form and presses Calculate.

“It was my goal from the beginning,” says developer James Kobzeff, “to offer the same type of calculations previously possible only on the handheld financial calculators, but with the benefit that they can be made by anyone effortlessly and instantly.”
iCalculator includes sixty-two calculators organized into five categories: mortgages, time value, cash flows, tax shelter, and investment. The user merely selects a category to display the list of appropriate calculators in that category, makes a selection, completes the form, and then clicks the Calculate button for the result. There’s even a Print function if the user elects to print out a screenshot of the calculation.

But iCalculator is also designed to be a learning tool. The calculators each includes a definition of that particular calculation along with a detailed itemization that shows the user how the computation was made (and in some cases, with the formula). So the user gets the benefit of both, function as well as learning. “An exclusive to iCalculator,” Kobzeff notes.

Another feature of interest is that iCalculator is 100% web based. Therefore it requires no download or third-party software and can be accessed 24/7 from any device that has internet access (PC and MAC). Moreover, it’s fully responsive. That means it will correctly adjust to any size screen—phone, tablet, desktop—automatically. So it makes a perfect resource for users who are on the go.

“I should also point out,” Kobzeff says, “that my earlier version of iCalculator was chosen for the Corporate Finance classroom at Southwestern College Kansas in 2007 and 2008. According to the instructor, he was particularly impressed that his students could use their laptops to make time value of money calculations in an easy-to-use format. And he was clearly satisfied because he used it for two consecutive terms.”

Availability and Pricing

iCalculator retails for $79.95. However, real estate professionals and organizations, schools, educators and students can purchase it for just $29.95. The appropriate links are provided on the ProAPOD website on the iCalculator web page.

It is a one-time purchase without any annual subscription fees, and all updates and/or any additional calculators that may be added to the program in the future are free of charge. When updates are made they are processed by the developer and become available to users automatically.

Better still, iCalculator also offers a five-day 100% money back guarantee. So you can try the program risk-free. If you decide not to keep the program, simply notify the developer within five days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.
You can learn more about iCalculator on the ProAPOD website including, a full list of all sixty-two real estate calculators, two sample calculation videos, and the purchasing buttons. To get started, open the ProAPOD homepage and then click the “iCalculator” link in the menu.

ProAPOD is a privately held software company located in Salem, Oregon. James R Kobzeff is the founder and owner.
James R Kobzeff, Owner
ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software

Getting a Password Prompt When You Close an Excel VBA Program?

My ProAPOD real estate investment software is an Excel VBA application that I released in 2000. Since then I have had to address the dreaded password prompt at program closing about five times. Although I consider myself lucky–given the more than one thousand customers I have–nonetheless, it is very annoying.

Here’s what happens.

Some customers (not all, just a few), when exiting my program, were greeted with a prompt that required them to enter a password. If they cancelled the prompt, it just reappeared. If they they entered a bogus password, it just reappeared. In fact, only when they clicked the CANCEL button multiple times (some 3 or 4, others 10-15) did the prompt finally vanish and ProAPOD normally close. The issue was not restricted to one specific Windows operating system or Excel version; and I should mention that it never happened to me on any of my three computers.

The first time I encountered this issue was around 2006-2008. It affected three of my customers. In that case it was discovered that Google had an app called “Desktop” (I believe) that was proven to be incompatible with Excel VBA and caused the prompt. Once the customer removed the app, ProAPOD closed perfectly without the password prompt. So it seemed that the problem was solved once-for-all.

But then, to my dismay, the problem began occurring again over the past several weeks. This time, two of my customers were affected. Once again, many years after the problem was thought to be finally eradicated, it reappeared without warning or explanation. Again, only to a few of my than one thousand customers, and again not to me.

My immediate suggestion was to have them sweep and remove any virus, malware and spyware that might have infected their computer. No success. Then I suggested the removal of any com add-on. Again, no success. Then I discovered an article written by Jon Peltier on August 23, 2016 entitled “VB Password Prompt when Closing Excel” posted on his blog, “Peltier Tech Blog”.

In his article, Jon points out several other more currently popular apps that are known to cause this issue (e.g. DropBox). So I instructed my customer to read the article, and it worked. My customer followed Jon’s tips and the mysterious password prompt disappeared and ProAPOD closed without incident. Thank you, Jon.

I strongly suggest that you read Jon Peltier’s article “VB Password Prompt when Closing Excel” if you, too, encounter this strange problem when running an Excel VBA software program.

NEW: Upgrade to Executive 10 Option

ProAPOD real estate investment software customers currently using our Agent 6 software solution can now upgrade to our Executive 10 software solution very easily.

  1. Simply login to your account
  2. Click the UPGRADE button located on your dashboard
  3. Follow the purchase instructions
  4. After your purchase, you will find 2 downloads for “Upgrade – Agent 6 to Executive 10”. Click the DOWNLOAD button and follow the installation instructions.

The Installation

The upgrade installation will overwrite your current version of Agent 6. Therefore, the next time you open ProAPOD you will be opening the newly installed Executive 10 software solution; whereas other files previously saved with your Agent 6 software solution will not be overwritten. For instance, if you previously saved a project called ABC Apartments, it will still exist in your saved folder as a fully functional Agent 6 file. And, of course, all future projects saved with Executive 10 will be saved as a fully functional Executive 10 file.

In other words, you will have the benefit of having both fully functional solutions on your computer by installing this upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The primary feature added with the Executive 10 real estate investment software solution is inclusion of tax shelter elements. But there is also the time value of money elements, the FlashForm tool, four more reports, and five charts. You can preview all these features on the ProAPOD website at Executive 10 real estate investment software.

To compare the two software solutions, go to compare solutions.


The price for the upgrade is $130.00.

Executive 10 price less Agent 6 price equals the upgrade price
$279.95 – 149.95 = 130.00

The ProAPOD Website Has Been Redesigned to Improve Reader Comprehension

My ProAPOD real estate investment software website has been redesigned to make it easier for new visitors to more clearly comprehend the benefits of my software and generally to more easily navigate through its various pages.

Here’s a sampling of the changes I made.

  • The header. I eliminated the large image of the apartment building with the text that read “Invest with confidence with our award winning real estate investment software” and replaced it with a black banner and a larger label that simply reads “ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software” (similar to this blog site).
  • The font. I changed the font style and size to make the text more interesting and easier to read.
  • The wording. The descriptions for each of the three solutions were rewritten to make it clearer to the reader what that solution does. Most paragraphs were shortened and made more concise.
  • Images. An “information” image was added to the Learning Center as well as the other pages that primarily provide helpful information to the visitor such as my real estate investing articles and videos, online real estate calculators, glossary of terms, and industry links.

Pease pay us a visit at ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software and tell me what you think.

The ProAPOD Website is Now Secure Per PayPal Requirements

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software replaced it’s previous shopping cart and added an SSL certificate to its site last week for added customer security.

That means that customers will always enter a secure site (i.e., “https”) when they set up their customer account information and then subsequently preview their shopping cart. Payment afterward is made at PayPal which, of course, has always been a secure website.

The change was a requirement made by PayPal. Several months ago they advised me that the website would have to be made secure by mid-September 2016 or I could no longer use their services to complete the sale of my software and calculator products. This, of course, made it mandatory for me to do whatever was required in order to satisfy PayPal.

As a result, the domain was moved to another server capable of handling the necessary modifications and additional SSL certificate. The project took several weeks and several hundred dollars but the result has been achieved. My ProAPOD website offers customers a more secure site to enter their names and address; all of their financial data will continue to be entered only on the PayPal site.

James Kobzeff

ProAPOD Changes Its Software Solutions’ Names

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software made some changes to it’s solutions.

  • Investor 8 is no longer available for purchase. After eight years, we decided to no longer market Investor 8 as one of our real estate investor software solutions. It does not affect any current users.
  • Analysis 10 has had its name changed to Executive 10. Still the same great real estate investing software it has been for the past ten years, just gave it a new name.
  • Analysis 6 has had its name changed to Agent 6. Still the same great real estate analysis software it has been since 2000, just gave it a new name.

ProAPOD Listed as a Top-ten Real Estate Investment Software

According to Jeremy Cyrier, well-known CCIM instructor, author, commercial real estate brokerage owner and investor, ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software is on his list of of top-ten real estate software solutions.

Why? Because all the real estate software solutions provided by ProAPOD are easy-to-use, concise and accurate as well as absolutely 100% professional quality.

To learn more about ProAPOD go to ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software to preview all the advantages. A full description is given along with screenshots so you know what you’re paying for.


ProAPOD’s PDF Printing Plan Revised

ProAPOD intended to include a function that would enable its customers to click a single button to create PDF reports. The idea was to use procedures included in Excel 2013 for PDF so the customer would not have to rely upon third-party PDF software.

But after a serious attempt to include the proper code, it was discovered that there are too many unresolved issues in Excel 2013 that makes it almost impossible to maintain compatibility across a wide range of computers. Where on one computer the function performed perfectly, on other computers there were error alerts that prevented some of ProAPOD’s features to work correctly.

After much research, it was learned that problems like this are commonly encountered by others attempting to use Excel’s PDF reference library. And without a clear resolution provided, ProAPOD elected to postpone its plan until there is absolute assurance that the error messages can be prevented.

So for the meantime, ProAPOD customers will continue to use third-party PDF software to print their reports as a PDF. It is not difficult, but ProAPOD had just hoped to make it easier.


PDF Printing Update Coming to ProAPOD

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software is currently in the throws of updating the PDF printing function for all three of it’s real estate investing software solutions.

Along with some with some general house keeping and refreshing of the forms and toolbar commands, the primary focus is to make PDF printing easier so users can create a PDF report with less effort.

Although ProAPOD currently provides customers a way to print their reports as a PDF, it does require the customer to install a third-party PDF software program. And though highly efficient, these third-party programs have not been particularly easy for some customers to understand and easily use.

To make PDF printing easier, ProAPOD is recoding the procedures in each of it’s real estate investment software solutions. Once completed, the user will be able to simply select the real estate analysis and marketing reports he or she wants to create as a PDF and click one button. The rest will be fully automatic. The user will find the the PDF in the location on the computer he or she saved it completely ready to be distributed.

This PDF printing update, however, will only benefit customers using Windows Vista and Excel 7 or newer. Unfortunately, older versions of Windows and Excel are not compatible with the coding required to provide this update. Customers using Windows XP, for instance, will still have to rely upon third-party PDF software.

This update should be available by the end of October barring any unsuspected issues. If you have questions, please feel free to call me so we can discuss it further.

So You Know

ProAPOD provides three real estate analysis software solutions that are each concisely designed to make it easy for realtors and real estate investors to create rental property cash flow analysis and marketing reports.



The Print Preview Glitch Caused by Excel 2013 is Fixed

One of the important features provided by all ProAPOD real estate investment software solutions is the ability for users to easily preview the real estate analysis reports prior to printing.  From the release of ProAPOD in 2000 this has always the way it’s been. The user simply clicks Print Preview on our customized toolbar, selects the appropriate report , and instantly the selected report appears in a preview window.

About a week ago, however, it was brought to our attention by several customers using Excel 2013 that the Print Preview would hang in a perpetual loading motion that would not display the report. Worse still, that the window could only be closed by shutting down ProAPOD completely. This is not good.

But this was new to us  because ProAPOD has continued to perform perfectly in all aspects through Excel 2010, so, of course, we were highly concerned to uncover the problem and to resolve the issue.

After applying several suggestions made by others we discovered on the web without success, we continued to search until we found the culprit. Namely, that with Excel 2013 the VBA procedure that calls for print preview needed to be modified.

I’m happy to say that all three ProAPOD real estate investing software solutions have been tested in Excel 2013 and the Print Preview function now works perfectly.