Rental Property Repairs: Who’s Responsible For What?

One of the many duties that landlords have to face is making sure that the rental property is livable before they rent it out. There are also rules and regulations regarding the condition of the property that should be followed to the letter. It is also the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that any major issues with the property should be repaired as soon as it has been made known to them by tenants. The tenants though also play a big role in keeping the property in good condition.

Since tenants can also be responsible to make repairs to the property, it could be quite challenging for the uninitiated landlord to determine what repairs needs to be done by the tenant and which ones would the landlord be responsible for. We will look at these things in depth in this article.

Normally, the bigger and more important things would be the duty of the property owner. For instance, if the structure of the property would need repair, it is only important that the landlord should move as swiftly as possible to have it corrected. Without a structural problem being prepared as soon as possible, it could lead to even bigger problems.

Heating and hot water system problems, especially in cold places also fall within the circle of duties of the landlord. Any problem with the heating system not corrected as soon as possible could be used as a reason by the tenant to demand reduced rent for the days when the heating was off after the problem has been made known to the tenant. When attempting repairs, something could go wrong that could result to damage to the property. It would be the duty of the landlord to make amend to the additional damage sustained.

On the other hand, it is also the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that the tenants would understand that they too have their own responsibilities where repairs to the property are concerned. Any repairs to the property that the tenant should be responsible for is always included in the rental agreement so make sure that yours has a clause which would cover this issue.

Every small problem can lead to bigger and costlier problems if not repaired as soon as possible. For the landlord, it is important as it is a form of protecting their investment. On the other hand, where tenants are concerned, it is important that they make necessary repairs to make their stay very convenient.

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