Please Read the Instructions

real estate investment softwareEach ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software solution includes a “Read Me” page that will help you easily address and resolve common issues associated with MS Vista and later operating systems.

The resolution is typically easy and will insure that you will not become frustrated later on once you start using ProAPOD.

However, you must read the the instructions. When you don’t, you might encounter issues (thanks to MS) that will get you on the phone discussing it with me. I don’t mind, but it really can be avoided (and save you a call) if you just read the instructions.

In most cases, the instructions on the “Read Me” page for each real estate investment software solution are self-explanatory and routinely resolved immediately (if not, instantaneously) by users.

For those rare instances when the issues are not resolved and questions still exist, please note the link to Customer Support that contains an array of articles (with screenshots) that undoubtedly will help you resolve the issue.

Naturally, we want you to experience the full potential ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software provides, so if you still feel yourself scratching your head and utterly confused after reading these articles, then by all means call us directly.