Is Real Estate Investing the Income Opportunity for You?

It seems that every time you turn your TV on there is some infomercial about creating your wealth in some real estate investing home study course. Why would you not? It seems like it’s a great income opportunity and it seems easy enough? Is it really? Are these courses just in it for themselves or do they really help?

There are a couple of answers to that question. Yes, the techniques they teach work and have worked for many investors. Yes, they are in it for themselves as well. Real estate investing is no new way of making money. It’s been around for many years, and as the years roll on and the market changes, there will continue to be new ways to profit off of the industry.

By selling these courses on TV, these companies are creating huge numbers of investors in their particular niche. Yes, the techniques work, but the market becomes oversaturated with these new investors using these same techniques. These companies know this. So to continue to generate income for themselves, they offer training and coaching programs that cost more money, of course.

When you need a tissue, you think of Kleenex. When you need to clean your ears out, you think of a Q-tip. There are other companies that sell those things, but these companies have the name recognition. These home study courses have great ideas and concepts, but they don’t do a great job in showing you how to market yourself and get your name out there.

Now that you have educated yourself in your new real estate investing income opportunity, how do you get your name out? You can go to all of the local real estate offices and let them know that you’re an investor. Register with your local chamber of commerce. Join or start a real estate investors club. Put ads up on the corners and in media materials. Those are all great ideas, and all of the successful investors are doing them, but what else can you do?

Wouldn’t you like home sellers calling you instead of you calling them? Isn’t the name of the game to have more properties to look at to have more to choose from? In order to do that, you need to have your own name recognition. You need to market your business on the internet. Duh, But how? Where do you start? What are the cost effective ways?

Here a few great ideas that the home study courses aren’t teaching you to get your name out.
– Advertise on free classified websites
– Create a blog on what your doing and how it’s working for you
– Type up press releases on what the market is doing and how you can profit
– Subscribe to an email blast to get your name out to millions.

These are just a few ways to help increase your name recognition and help make this income opportunity work for you. Getting your name out is all about the marketing. The more people that know you’re out there, the more sales you will see. It really is a numbers game.

As always, do your research to see if the company is reputable. Don’t always listen to the "nay sayers" because if a company is successful, there will always be "nay sayers." Lastly, don"t look for any income opportunity to be a get rich quick venture. You have to put in your work and stay consistent. A great saying is to "Stick and Stay and you’ll Get Your Pay!"

Chris Clark has been marketing on the internet for 5 years now, and helping people make money doing the same thing. Find out how Chris can show you how to use your computer to make money at Online Marketing Made Easy.

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