Fix ‘n Flip Calculator Updated

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Analysis Software has updated the Fix ‘n Flip calculator provided in it’s iCalculator program — an online real estate calculator solution that enables users to learn dozens of real estate investing definitions and formulas as they calculate.

The Fix ‘n Flip calculator was originally included in the bundle of calculators offered in iCalculator to enable real estate investors a quick and easy way to derive the profit and return on investment on potential residential and commercial properties they plan to buy and sell within twelve months. In other words, after entering a few details about the property in the user-friendly form and clicking the Calculate button a real estate investor can instantly see both the profit and return on investment they might expect to receive.

It was suggested by a customer, however, that the calculator was limited to an all-cash purchase without the option to include financing. So we fixed it.

The Fix ‘n Flip calculator now includes the option for the investor to allow for financing when it is part of the property acquisition. iCalculator provides the option to select an all-interest or fully-amortized loan and makes all the appropriate interest payment and loan balances to arrive at the investor’s profit and return on investment based upon the holding period anticipated by the investor.

How do you get this updated calculator?

As a current user of iCalculator, you get this update absolutely free. The next time you login to the real estate calculator you just click Investments from the toolbar then Fix ‘n Flip from the list of calculators on the sidebar to open it.

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