Sales Proceeds Calculation {Video}

I made a video to illustrate a quick and easy way property sellers can estimate how much cash they can expect to receive as sales proceeds due to a sale.

This video will walk you through a sample sales proceeds calculation using the sales proceeds calculator included in my iCalculator suite of online real estate calculators.

The result is based upon a couple of entries in the user-friendly form and is the proceeds before income taxes. To learn more about iCalculator visit the site

Cash Flow After Tax {Video}

Cash flow after tax (CFAT) is one of essential returns real estate investors look for when doing a real estate analysis. In a nutshell, this represents the cash flow available to the investor after settling up with the IRS.

In the video below, ProAPOD’s iCalculator is used because it allows an easy and understandable way to present the cash flow after tax computation. A link to the page where you can learn more about iCalculator is provided below.


So You Know

Cash flow after tax is just one of many calculations you can make with iCalculator. To learn more about this unique online real estate calculator that teaches the formulas visit our website at real estate calculators.


Cash-on-Cash Rate of Return {Video}

The cash-on-cash rate of return is one of the most popular rates of return real estate investors seek to determine when trying to make investment decisions about rental income properties.

In the short real estate investing instructional video provided below you can learn how to compute cash-on-cash. Take a moment to watch it and learn.


So You Know

Cash-on-Cash is just one of many real estate investing rates of return, ratios, and measures automatically computed by ProAPOD investment analysis software solutions. To learn more about ProAPOD and the many reports and features it provides visit our website at ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software.


How to Compute Cap Rate {Video}

Capitalization Rate (or cap rate) is undoubtedly one of the most popular returns used in real estate investing circles. By the same token, it is also one of the most coveted computations investors and brokers want to learn.

In the short video presentation below you will shown step-by-step how to calculate cap rate. Take a few moments to watch the video so you will know how to compute it the next time you meet with a real estate investor or simply trying to create a real estate analysis.



So You Know

Cap rate is just one of many real estate investing returns, ratios, and measures that are automatically calculated in ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software solutions. To learn more about how ProAPOD can benefit your investing objectives visit our website at ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software.