Want a Quick Way to Caclulate Mortgages, Cap Rates, Tax Shelter?

tax shelter calcsUsing a hand-held calculator to make calculations for mortgages, real estate investment investment returns like cap rate and cash-on-cash as well as the tax shelter computations for such things as sales proceeds after tax requires maximum effort.

I know.

As a real estate professional with over thirty years experience selling investment real estate with Coldwell Banker and Prudential I always had to rely upon a hand-held calculator to do my simple and complex calculations. It was reliable, of course, but for many of the computations it was also very tedious.

So I decided to develop a calculator to that would make it easier; a calculator I can access online with my computer or iPad that would cut the effort and time a hand-held requires to practically nothing. So I developed iCalculator.

iCalculator is a 100% web-based HTML solution that can be accessed 24/7 from any device that connects to the web and requires nothing more than a few form entries and the click of a button to compute a host of mortgage, time value, investment and tax shelter calculations.


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As an added benefit iCalculator also includes a full mortgage amortization table and the formulas to many of the most popular real estate returns so you get complete function plus a learning tool.

iCalculator includes free updates and comes with a 5-day 100% money-back guarantee.

So you can try it totally risk-free. If you decide not to keep it you get your money back – no questions asked. If you decide to keep it, then count on never getting all future updates absolutely free.

Plus, you can save over 64% off the retail price. Educators, students, and all real estate professionals pay just $24.95.

You can learn more about iCalculator, including the calculations and functions, along with additional screenshots at iCalculator education and real estate community page.