Agent 6 Update

ProAPOD released an updated version of it’s Agent 6 real estate investment software on 10-22-2014.

What Was Changed
  • The Read Me page was reworded to make the instructions easier for new customers to understand.
  • Many of the explanations provided in the form headers were reworded for better clarity.
  • The UserInfo form was reformatted to modify how a date can be added to the reports. Rather than enabling customers to include just the current date into the reports, the form now allows customers to include any date they wish.
  • The Print menu was reformatted. Rather than having the customer check boxes for the various report selections, the menu now consists of a list of selections that the customer can highlight.
  • The Help page on the Print menu was reworded to make it easier for customers to understand how to print the reports as a PDF.
Bottom Line

The changes made to Agent 6 is mostly cosmetic. But the result is effective.

If you purchased Agent 6 within the last year, this update is absolutely free. Just login to your Customer Account and download the Update.