NEW: Article on Multifamily Property Investment Benefits

An article entitled “The Benefit of a Multifamily Property Real Estate Investment” has been written and posted on the ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software website.

The article explains why some real estate investors prefer multifamily income property over the other types of real estate investment properties. Here’s an excerpt:

“Although each type of property share many of the same characteristics common to all investment real estate, it is also true that many real estate investors strongly favor multifamily property above the others as their investment of choice.

So it seemed like a good idea to suggest why that might be the case. Okay, but first let’s make sure we understand a couple of things about multifamily property.”

The article is free to read courtesy of ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software.

Inflation Rate Calculator Updated for August 2017

The Inflation Rate Calculator included in ProAPOD’s iCalculator real estate calculators program has been updated to reflect the latest US government CPI data released on Thursday, September 14. With this update iCalculator users can now use the inflation rate calculator to compute US inflation rates from 1913 through August 2017.


You spent $1,500 on a family vacation back in 1977 and are curious to know how much money you would have to spend in August 2017 to have the same buying power for similar goods and services. Here are the steps:

  • Login to iCalculator
  • Select the category Time Value
  • Open the Inflation Rate calculator
  • Select 1977 as the starting year
  • Enter $1500.00 as the dollar amount spent
  • Select 2017 as the ending year
  • Click Calculate

Result: $6,077.20 and 305.1%.
Explanation: Due to a 305.1% increase in the U.S. inflation rate since 1977, you will currently have to spend $6,077.20 for essentially the same vacation you enjoyed for $1,500 back in 1977.
inflation rate computation

So You Know

1. The Inflation Rate calculator in iCalculator does not limit you to either the years or the amount you want to compute. You can select any starting year from 1913 through to the present, and enter any dollar amount you wish.

2. If you are a current user of iCalculator, the Inflation Rate calculator will automatically reflect this latest update the next time you calculate. Learn more about iCalculator…