Inflation Rate Calculator Updated for September

According to government data released on Tuesday, Oct 18, the annual inflation rate rose 1.5% in September–a near 2-year high inflation jump. As a result, iCalculator has updated its Inflation Rate calculator to reflect this most current data. That means users can now compute inflation rates from 1913 through September 2016. For example, “How much would I have to spend in September 2016 to equal the same buying power for goods and services I spent $20.00 for in 1913?”

Of course, you’re not limited to those years. With our Inflation Rate calculator. you can select any starting year and any ending year (e.g., 1928 and 1952, 1988 and 2013, and so on). And you can enter any amount (e.g., $1.00, $1,000,000, or whatever).

Users never pay for updates. So if you are a current user of iCalculator, the Inflation Rate calculator will automatically reflect this latest update. Learn more about iCalculator…

The ProAPOD Website is Now Secure Per PayPal Requirements

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software replaced it’s previous shopping cart and added an SSL certificate to its site last week for added customer security.

That means that customers will always enter a secure site (i.e., “https”) when they set up their customer account information and then subsequently preview their shopping cart. Payment afterward is made at PayPal which, of course, has always been a secure website.

The change was a requirement made by PayPal. Several months ago they advised me that the website would have to be made secure by mid-September 2016 or I could no longer use their services to complete the sale of my software and calculator products. This, of course, made it mandatory for me to do whatever was required in order to satisfy PayPal.

As a result, the domain was moved to another server capable of handling the necessary modifications and additional SSL certificate. The project took several weeks and several hundred dollars but the result has been achieved. My ProAPOD website offers customers a more secure site to enter their names and address; all of their financial data will continue to be entered only on the PayPal site.

James Kobzeff