Inflation Rate Calculator Updated, 9-16-15

The cost of living in August declined for the first time in seven months in accordance with the latest US government CPI data released on published on September 16, 2015.

As a result, the inflation rate calculation has been updated in iCalculator. That means that you can now use our inflation rate calculator to compute how much you would have to spend today for the goods and services you spent during any year beginning back in 1913 through August of this year.

iCalculator updates are always free to existing customers. You don’t have to pay for it. Just login and the inflation rate update (along with any other current updates will be readily available when you use the calculator.

So You Know

The inflation rate calculator is just one of 60 real estate calculators included in iCalculator. Check them all out on our ProAPOD website at iCalculator.

ProAPOD Changes Its Software Solutions’ Names

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software made some changes to it’s solutions.

  • Investor 8 is no longer available for purchase. After eight years, we decided to no longer market Investor 8 as one of our real estate investor software solutions. It does not affect any current users.
  • Analysis 10 has had its name changed to Executive 10. Still the same great real estate investing software it has been for the past ten years, just gave it a new name.
  • Analysis 6 has had its name changed to Agent 6. Still the same great real estate analysis software it has been since 2000, just gave it a new name.