Inflation Rate Calculation Updated 1-20-2015

ProAPOD’s iCalculator online annual inflation rate calculator has been updated to calculate for inflation and the cumulative annual inflation rate from 1913 through 2014 in accordance with the latest US government CPI data released on January 16, 2015 for December 2014.

This completes the full year for 2014. Next month’s CPI release will apply to January 2015.

Okay, let’s compute a couple of examples to illustrate how much you would have to spend today for the same goods and services you spent in some prior year.

Example 1
If you spent $500 for a suit in 1985, you would have to spend $1100.07 for that same suit today. That’s a cumulative 120% rate of inflation since 1985.

Example 1
If your parents spent $420 for a family vacation in 1965, you would have to spend $3,156.48 to duplicate that same family vacation today. That’s a cumulative 651.5% rate of inflation since 1965.

With iCalculator you can compute inflation rates from 1913 through 1914. But the inflation rate calculation is just one of over fifty-five calculators available in this online suite of real estate calculators. Check them all out on our ProAPOD website at real estate calculator.

So You Know
iCalculator updates are always free to existing customers. You don’t have to pay for it. Just login and the inflation rate update (along with any other current updates will be readily available when you use the calculator.