Real Estate Investing Tutorial Videos Available

Trying to learn real estate investing nuances and formulas? ProAPOD real estate investing software has created a number of videos ranging from How to Calculate Cash Flow After Tax to How to Construct an Annual Property Operating Data (APOD).

These videos are free-to-watch and require no registration. The full list of videos can be found on the ProAPOD website at Learning Center > Tutorial Videos.

Why not watch and learn?

The videos are reasonably short, and they are designed to teach. Best of all, they are absolutely free to watch right on the site without obligation.

Inflation Rate Calculator, Update 6-9-14

calc-smalliCalculator, the online suite of 55 real estate calculators by ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software, has updated its Inflation Rate calculator to reflect latest US government CPI data published on May 15, 2014.

According to the latest report from the government on consumer price,  US inflation in April jumped an annual inflation rate at 2%, the most in nearly a year as Americans paid more for a wide range of goods and services.

iCalculator updates are always free for users, so you just login as usual and the inflation rate will correctly compute starting in 1913 through April 2014. For example, after you log in click the category Time Value than the Inflation Rate calculator and select 1913 for the starting year, enter $20.00 spent for goods and service, and than select 2014 for the ending year. You will see that $2394.67 would have to spent for those same goods and services due to a jump in the rate of inflation of 2294.7%.