The Net Present Value (NPV) Calculation

Net present value (NPV) is a return routinely used by real estate investors during a real estate analysis to gauge the profitability of a real estate investment because it does account for time value of money – that is, it accounts for the present value of future receipts anticipated from the investment.

What is NPV?

Net present value is the difference (expressed as a dollar amount) between the present value of all future cash flows discounted at the desired rate of return and the amount of cash investment.



How to Compute

To make the NPV calculation you will need a financial calculator like HB10B, an Excel spreadsheet, or a calculation solution like iCalculator. It is not something you can calculate in your head.


Say you want a 6.25% rate of return to invest $100,000 for a property projecting annual cash flows of 2,000, 2,300, 2,500, 2,800, 3,000, plus cash proceeds of 130,000 anticipated from a future sale. Your intention is to calculate the net present value in order to know whether this real estate investment will meet your desired goal.

  • HP Financial Calculator – Refer to the owner’s manual. Requires about twelve keystrokes and entries.
  • MS Excel – NPV(A1,A3:A7)+A2 where A1 is rate, A3:A7 are the cash flows, A2 is the initial investment.
  • iCalculator – discussed below.

Allow me to show you a much easier way using my iCalculator solution. Just fill in the form and click. (Click image to enlarge).


Source: iCalculator by ProAPOD


The net present value we calculated based upon the projected cash flows given for the rental property in our example resulted in a positive dollar amount. Therefore your desired rate of return of 6.25% was exceeded.

So You Know

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How Novice Real Estate Investors Can Validate the Numbers

novice investorNovice real estate investors routinely make the mistake of investing in a rental property based upon performance numbers given them by a real estate broker or seller.

However, this is not a good policy for the investor because rental property performance numbers can be skewed – even when it’s not intentional.

Bear in mind that most real estate analysis presentations are created by brokers and sellers who characteristically tend to be over-optimistic about the rental property’s cash flows and rates of return. As a result, the property valuation they present to investors often tend to reflect a “bottom line” that is more “pie-in-the-sky” than realistic.

Whereas experienced investors are typically able to discern and make corrections for unrealistic numbers, most novice real estate investors are not. Therefore they might inadvertently invest in a rental property property based on these faulty numbers only to discover later that the rental property is not as profitable as believed.

This of course is not good. However it can be prevented, and in this article I’m going to explain how.

How to Validate the Numbers

The solution for novice real estate investors is really quite simple.

Make a minimal investment in a real estate investor software solution so you can create your own real estate analysis. This way you can enter the property’s income and operating expense data based upon your own assumptions and determine first-hand what the cash flows, rates of return, and profitability are likely to be.

This not only can protect you from over-paying on a real estate investment, the reports created based upon your assumptions can be presented to the seller and used to perhaps negotiate a purchase price more in your favor.

A quality real estate investing software solution is not difficult to use (even for a novice) and it can purchased at an affordable price. So it really is worth serious consideration for novice real estate investors planning to engage in real estate investing.

So You Know

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iCalculator: Inflation Rate Table Updated

real estate calculatorThe latest consumer price index has been added to iCalculator – ProAPOD’s online real estate calculator solution. This means that you are able to compute the inflation rate starting in any year from as far back as 1913 through September 14, 2012.

For example, the calculator will reveal that a $20 expenditure for goods and services in 1913 will now cost you $456.41 in 2012 – a rate of inflation increase of 2227.1%.

This is a free update. So if you are a current user of iCalculator you will be able to take advantage of this latest update when you use the inflation rate calculator. To access it click Time Value on the toolbar than Inflation Rate.

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