ProAPOD Update Adds Currency Symbols

ProAPOD real estate investment software version 10.0 has been updated and is now available for download to qualified customers. Customers are required only to login to their account to retrieve this newest real estate investment software update.

Here are the modifications to v.10.0 made by this update:

  1. Currency Symbols – This feature enables the user to select any one of five different currency symbols, including DOLLAR, POUND, RAND, EURO, and YEN. The user simply opens the appropriate menu from the customized toolbar and selects the desired symbol. The rest is automatically completed by our real estate software. Instantly, in the blink of an eye, ProAPOD real estate software changes all the currency symbols used inside the forms and reports to the symbol chosen by the user.
  2. Passive Losses – This feature enables to user to choose how our real estate investment software treats annual passive losses. The user simply opens Analysis > Passive Losses from the customized toolbar and selects either “Losses carried forward” or “Losses taken currently”. “Losses carried forward” is the default setting and currently the IRS regulation, but this feature intends to satisfy real estate analysts who prefer computing passive losses in the year that they occur.

Screen shots for both, the currency symbols and passive losses features are available at

To obtain this FREE update, users must

  1. Currently use ProAPOD 10.0
  2. Currently have an active membership – If your membership is expired, you can renew your membership for just $39.95. This will enable you to download this latest update and entitle you to receive FREE software updates as they become available for one additional year. Simply login to your account and click “Renew membership.”

Customers who are using version 6.0 who would like to have this newest version of 10.0 can purchase an Upgrade for just $129.95. This will give you two downloads of ProAPOD 10.0 and FREE software updates as they become available for one additional year. Simply login to your account and click “Upgrade to 10.0.”

Customers are urged to report any issues caused by the update to the real estate investment software developer immediately.

ProAPOD Has Been Updated

ProAPOD® 10.0 has been updated as of 1-15-09 and is now available for your FREE download.

Sorry, there are no updates for any other version at this time. If you currently use v.6.0, however, you can upgrade to v.10.0 at a discount if you login to your account and click “Upgrade to 10.0” then follow the online instructions).

Added “Projects Comparison”

Purpose: The “projects comparison” feature allows you to easily compare a series of previously saved projects simply by using the form to “get” the projects and then printing the report.

How to Use: Open Projects form > click GET > select your file > click Okay. ProAPOD® will automatically collect the necessary data and highlight it for you on the form. You can select up to 15 separate projects. Use strong>CLEAR to clear the form.

Added “Computation Box” to LoanInfo

Purpose: A “box” was added to the LoanInfo form in order to show the computation for the down payment amount. This will enable you see the down payment requirement in real time.

How to Obtain this FREE Update

  1. V.10.0 must reside on your computer. If not, v.6.0 users can upgrade to v.10.0 at a discount. Login to you account and click “Upgrade to 10.0”, then follow online instructions. (Investment just $129.95)
  2. Your membership must be active. If not, then login to your account and click “Renew Membership”, then follow the online instructions. (Investment just $39.95)

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NOTE Please report any problem you might encounter immediately. Thank you.