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As a real estate professional that has sold real estate investment property for the past thirty years, I know how difficult it is to learn about real estate investing.

It’s easy to put off learning about real estate investing until tomorrow (which never comes) because the idea of learning the terms and formulas is daunting. It’s like skydiving—you don’t make the plunge until you know you’re ready.

Well, I’m pleased to inform you that I have an online investment-learning center where you can get real estate investing help without shelling out a dime, and without having to subscribe to anything.

1. Free real estate investing articles. Numerous articles I’ve written so those of you who are interested in investment real estate can learn the terms, definitions, applications, and formulas easily. I cover a number of rental property nuances including real estate analysis, land lording and property management, tax issues, plus everything in between. These articles are free to read, print, and share. Read an article…

2. Free videos. These are short, to the point, and informative. The library is still rather modest, but you will learn such things as how to calculate cap rate and construct an APOD. In time, I hope to add more real estate investing teaching videos. Watch a video…

3. Free cap rate calculator. This is online at my site. Simply follow the link that reads Calculate a Cap Rate. In addition to calculating the cap rate, the calculator also displays the formula, so you really can compute and learn at the same time. Use the cap rate calculator…

4. Free mortgage calculator (with amortization schedule). This is also online at my site. Simply follow the link that reads Calculate a Loan Payment. You make just three entries and click. The results are a monthly loan payment, total interest, and full amortization schedule. Use the mortgage calculator…

You can access all these real estate investing resources, including the articles, videos, and calculators without any obligation. They are yours to use 100% FREE without having to subscribe to anything.

What’s the catch you ask? There is no catch, but you can do one thing for me in return. Preview and remember my real estate investment software.  When you’re ready to start in with real estate investing, ProAPOD® will help you. Here’s to your success.

ProAPOD 10.0 Update Released

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software, a leading real estate investment software provider since 2000, released an update for version 10.0 today. ProAPOD® 10.0 was developed for real estate investors and agents who want their real estate analysis to include the elements of tax shelter.

According to software entrepreneur James Kobzeff, “ProAPOD 10.0 is our platinum-grade real estate investment software solution with the deepest cash flow, rate of return, and profitability analysis. It includes full consideration for all four elements of tax shelter and computes before and after tax cash flow, tax benefit (or loss), capital gains, recapture tax, time value of money, and property depreciation for residential and commercial properties.”


Modifications made to this real estate investment software solution concern the FlashForm tool. This is the tool included only in ProAPOD® 10.0 that enables users to quickly determine rates of return without having to manually fill in the forms. It is an effective way to compare various properties very quickly.

The update corrected an issue with data entry, added an entry for “Property Name”, and added a result for “before-tax cash on cash return” in addition to after-tax cash on cash return. Note image below.

If you purchased ProAPOD® 10.0 prior to November 11, simply login to your account and download your free update. If you purchased ProAPOD 10.0 on or after November 11, you already have the updated version.

To learn more about ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software, go to

ProAPOD Launches FREE Real Estate Investing E-Book

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software is pleased to announce that it has compiled over 23 top real estate investing articles written by ProAPOD developer James Kobzeff and is making them available online FREE.

You can download this 40-page e-book FREE at From the side menu, follow the link titled, “Free download! 40-pages of our top real estate investing articles. Get it now!”, then simply follow the online instructions.

Here is just some of the real estate investing articles included in this e-book by category:

  1. Property Management Issues “How to Evict Tenants Legally”, “A Property Management Checklist”, “Beware of Discrimination: What to Know”
  2. Real Estate Investing Concepts “Real Estate Investing for Beginners”, “The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing”, “How to Find Good Deals”, “9 Reasons to Own Rental Property”
  3. Rates of Return, Definitions & Formulas ” Sinking Fund Factor”, “Cash-on-Cash”, “Cap Rate”, “Net Present Value”, “Time Value of Money”, “Internal Rate of Return”
  4. Miscellaneous “How to Market Income Property Like a Pro”, “How to Start Selling Rental Property”

This real estate investing e-book is in PDF format so its

  1. Printable
  2. Easy to email
  3. Easy to read

Articles include helpful information regarding real estate investment nuances, definitions of crucial terms, and formulas to several of the most essential rates of return used by real estate analysts.

To download your FREE copy of “What Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About Real Estate Investing” go to our Learning Center and look for “FREE Article Download”. Just click the link and follow the online instructions. If you are a current ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software customer, please obtain your copy directly from ProAPOD by contacting James Kobzeff.

You’re welcome in advance. Here’s to your real estate investing success.