ProAPOD® Software Reports Steady Sales

Real Estate Investment Software Continues to Sell Despite Our National Real Estate Meltdown

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software reported today that sales for its real estate investment software solutions are steady despite the nationwide real estate market meltdown.

A leading real estate investment software provider since 2000, ProAPOD® developer James Kobzeff admits that he had apprehensions about the troubled real estate market. “Given the subprime mortgage crisis,” Kobzeff says,” and the fact that our software services real estate, I expected less interest from real estate agents and investors for any kind of real estate software this year. Thankfully, that’s not been the case, however. Our software solutions are still very much in demand.”

The subprime mortgage crisis began in approximately 2005-2006 with the bursting of the housing bubble and high default rates on “subprime” and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) and has become more apparent during 2007 and 2008. Once housing prices started to drop moderately in 2006–2007 in many parts of the U.S., refinancing became more difficult, and defaults and foreclosure activity increased dramatically. During 2007, nearly 1.3 million U.S. housing properties were subject to foreclosure activity, up 79% from 2006, and major banks and other financial institutions around the world have reported losses of approximately $435 billion as of 17 July 2008.

When asked to speculate why his real estate investment software sales are up in spite of the sagging real estate market, Kobzeff remarked, “I think that it’s because our software pertains to investment real estate rather than residential real estate. My guess is that investors wanting out of the stock market are looking for lower risk investing opportunities like investment real estate, and for this reason turning to our software to help them determine cash flow and profitability.”

About ProAPOD®:

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software was developed in 2000 to provide real estate agents and investors easy-to-use and affordable investment software solutions. You can learn more about ProAPOD® at

If you’d like more information about this topic, please call James Kobzeff at 503/949-9034.

Real Estate Investment Software: The ProAPOD® Story

Colleagues know me best as a real estate professional, loving father, proud grandparent, and football fanatic.

They tend to find it remarkable, therefore, that I developed ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software. After all, most of my friends and colleagues know me as (shall we say) just a normal guy, not a computer geek.

Truth is, though, that I am just a normal guy with a zest for creativity, a touch of perfectionism, and a love of teaching. Of course, I never imagined that those three attributes could find fulfillment in the development of real estate investment software. But it does.

ProAPOD® requires tons of creativity, from the software itself to its website, and elements that must work perfectly; my itch to teach is not as obvious, but I honestly do enjoy informing real estate agents and investors about real estate investing, and ways to evaluate investment real estate easily.

Okay, so how did it happen? How did a normal guy who played semi-pro baseball and later became a member of a garage band become a real estate professional, slash, real estate investment software developer?

It Started With a Spreadsheet

Shortly after purchasing my first computer in 1995, I discovered the power of spreadsheets thanks to Microsoft Excel. This in turn virtually opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating a software solution to assist me with my multifamily property real estate business. It was magical.

When colleagues begin to rave about my reports it got me to thinking. So I created a plan to develop real estate investment software that would accomplish three things: Omit the weaknesses I discovered in other software; capture the benefits I discovered in other software; sell more affordably than other software.

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software was born and distributed six exhausting months later.

Since that time ProAPOD® has been featured by REALTOR®Magazine (May 2003), is used by real estate agents and investors nationwide from Manhattan to Hawaii, was selected by Southwestern College (Kansas) to provide calculator software to its Corporate Finance students, and more recently distributed real estate investment software solutions to users in Switzerland, Canada, Jordan, and China.

It’s not always easy, and you won’t read about me in Forbes, but it is fun. Thank you for your support, customers. Here’s to your success.

Price Analyzer Learning Video Released

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software has added another tutorial video to help users learn how to use the software program effectively.

The Price Analyzer, available in real estate investment software solutions V.6 and V.10, provides an outstanding way for our software users to determine the value of an investment property based upon certain criteria. For example, with the Price Analyzer (a tool exclusive to ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software), you can determine what the price should be on a rental property based on a multitude of cap rates for a number of potential rent scenarios.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not. The computations made by the software are extremely complex and if done by hand would entail hours of effort, but ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software makes it easy for the user. Just a couple of clicks of the mouse, that’s all. The results appear instantly.

To see the Price Analyzer up and personal, watch the video entitled “How to Use the Price Analyzer” on the “Training Videos” web page at While you’re there, be sure to check out the other videos posted recently by ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software. They’re free to watch and informative.

ProAPOD Modifies Its “Screenshots” Page

ProAPOD® has modified its software’s screen shot page to make it easier for visitors to the website to look at our software up close and personal. Here are just some of the excerpts taken from the modified page.

ProAPOD® real estate investment software provides real estate agents and investors effective, easy-to-use investment property cash flow analysis and marketing solutions.

Whether you want to list and market rental income property, build a strong investor-client base, or are a real estate investor seeking to make property investment decisions, you can.

ProAPOD® designed its investment software solutions with streamline forms, menus and tools…you will never struggle to create an APOD, proforma, or other cash flow solutions for any rental properties ever again!

Customized toolbar

Sample a few of the beneficial features offered by our specially-designed toolbar. Go to sample screen shots…

Intuitive user-friendly forms

Discover why you can create investment real estate presentations in minutes. Go to sample screen shots…

Innovative exclusive features

Preview several creative tools and functions designed to optimize your experience. Go to sample screenshots…


Tour the program with the developer to see it up close and personal (5.44 min). Watch video…

Please visit the site and provide some feedback. ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software is always open to creative and constructive opinions.

ProAPOD Mortgage Calculator Software Used by Southwestern College

Southwestern College in Kansas has elected to use the Mortgage Calculator Software developed by ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software for its Corporate Finance class again this fall.

Here’s what Lyle Weinert had to say about ProAPOD after introducing the software to his students last term.

“In teaching corporate finance I looked for software my students could use on their laptops that covered the time value of money calculations in a easy-to-use format and that was affordable to them.  After considering many different products, I found the software I needed in the Mortgage Calculator Software offered by ProAPOD Software. While the terminology on several of the worksheets differs from the terminology used in class, the students quickly adjusted to the software and its features. The fact I’m using the software again this year indicates how pleased I am with this software.”

ProAPOD Mortgage Calculator Software is an application for Excel that mimics a host of mortgage and financial computations found in HP calculators. But it’s easier, creates printable reports, and costs less. Retail price is just $19.95 and includes two downloads. Download it today at =>

See for yourself what Southwestern College in Kansas already knows.

After all, ProAPOD has been a leading real estate investment software provider since 2000 and is used nationwide by real estate agents and investors for real estate cash flow and rate of return analysis. Discover ProAPOD at =>