How to Construct an APOD – Video Tutorial

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software has published another video in it’s Training Series entitled “The APOD.” I know I’m preaching to the choir here, given that most of you already use one of my real estate investing software solutions, and already know how to construct an APOD, but you might want to take a look, nonetheless.

In this video, I cover the three essential elements required by an APOD–income, operating expense, and debt service–and give a few additional suggestions about what makes an APOD great. The video is essentially shot right on my computer screen, so I can use the actual APOD created by my investment software with a fictitious property called ABC Apartments. The video software I’m using allows me to add some special effects that I’m still having to learn, but hopefully each of the training videos I create in the future will get better with practice. For now, I’m just trying to get my narration down; not an easy task.

My hope is that these training videos, like this one about an APOD, will serve those of you who might want to train real estate in your office about the nuances of real estate investing. Since most people have become less prone to read, and more enthusiastic about videos, this video on the APOD, as well as the earlier video about Cap Rate released last week should serve them well. It is not as thorough as I would make it if I were giving a seminar on real estate investing, in fact I purposely condense it to keep the download time to a minimum, but it should be beneficial.

This APOD video is a Flash 9 file, and about 3:58 minutes in length. You can view it on the ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software website by following Video-Real Estate Investing or by following this link to I would appreciate your comments.


James R Kobzeff

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software

Our New Cap Rate – Video Tutorial

ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software has just completed its training video series on capitalization rate, or as its known in real estate circles, cap rate.

This video covers the definition, formula, and how you can use cap rate in a real estate situation. It was made by ProAPOD developer (James Kobzeff, no, he’s not an actor)  for the express purpose of teaching real estate agents and new real estate investors who might not know about this popular rate of return. The video includes a definition of capitalization rate, what it actually means in practice, the formula for computing cap rate, and an application how you might use cap rate  in a real estate situation.

If you’re a real estate investor or agent who knows nothing about cap rate then watch this video. If you’re a broker who has real estate agents who want to work with and learn about real estate investment property, than have them watch this video. The viewer will really learn about cap rate, how to calculate it, and how to use it the next time he or she gets a request from a customer wanting to know about a property’s cap rate.

You might even want to provide a link to this video on your website. If so, simply include a hyperlink to

The video is 2.22 mb and 2:45 min long. Why not take a few minutes and watch it? It might be just the tutorial on cap rate that you’ve been looking for. To watch the video go to

Our Newly Posted Excel 2007 Article

If you’re using Microsoft Excel 2007 and about to open ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software for the first time, you might be interested in reading a newly written article posted on our website at The article is designed to show you how to reset security settings in Excel 2007 that prevent our real estate investment software from functioning properly, along with instructions on how to use the Excel 2007 Add-Ins tab to access our toolbar.

As you may know, ProAPOD® Real Estate Investment Software contains hundreds of VBA macros that virtually run the software program. Unless these macros are enabled when the program is first opened, even though the program opens, and the forms appear normally, the reality is that none of the calculations execute, the toolbar doesn’t appear, and well, the program just doesn’t work correctly.

This is why ProAPOD® emphasizes during its installation to ENABLE MACROS when opening the software for the first time. Because Windows will alert you that our real estate software contains macros and requires your approval. In this case, the user would simply check the box “Always trust macros from this source”, click the Enable Macros button, and that’s it. From that point forward ProAPOD® (which is digitally signed) behaves normally and no future warnings are given when the software is opened.

With previous versions of Excel, this was seldom an issue, and users, for the most part, simply followed instructions and were fine.

With Excel 2007, it’s not quite that easy. Foremost, because Excel 2007, by default, sets its security setting to the highest level, which in turn prevents any opportunity for our customer to enable the macros. He or she simply opens our real estate software unaware that things aren’t right. It’s not until a few forms are completed that it becomes obvious. Our Excel 2007 article shows step-by-step with screen shots how to reset the security level in Excel 2007 to get the macros running and the program fully functional.

The new “ribbon” concept introduced with Excel 2007 is another issue because it prevents our toolbar from displaying automatically when our real estate investment software is opened; the user is required to manually open it. Here’s the scoop. In past versions of Excel, developers were allowed to write VBA that replaced Excel’s toolbar with a customized toolbar while the application was open and than put things back to normal when the application was closed. That’s no longer the case. Microsoft doesn’t permit its toolbar to be hidden by an application’s customized toolbar, and now requires users to click an Add-Ins tab if they want to display it. Our article shows you how.

Watch Our Training Video

ProAPOD® Real estate investment software has decided to start producing a training video series. In addition to topics covering tutorials for real estate software solutions, we hope to add real estate investing learning videos. For example, we are just about ready to release a short video (2-3 min) that shows the viewer how to calculate cap rate. In the future, we will do the same-type tutorial videos on other real estate investment terms and calculations.

We are also planning a video tutorials for all our real estate investment software solutions, including our real estate investor software and mortgage calculator software.

Please sneak a peek at our Real Estate Investment Software Video Tour. It’s a 5.33 min overview of our software. Maybe you can turn someone else on to ProAPOD®. We appreciate it.