Why Is Our Software a Download, Not a CD?

We are often asked why our real estate investment software, real estate investor software, and mortgage calculator are downloads rather then shipped on a CD. Fair enough question, let’s see if we can answer it.

Originally, back in 2000, when ProAPOD became a marketable real estate investment software program, it was shipped on a CD. Foremost, because that was the best way to deliver the software. Back then, most internet connections were on modem, which was painfully slow and not as reliable as it today, which meant that it took many excruciating minutes to download software programs prone to disconnects and other issues. Today, internet connections are lightning fast and very reliable. Today our real estate investment software can be downloaded in virtually seconds, in the twinkling of an eye, and almost always without incident. Moreover, the web has become more secure. Back then, you just hoped you could download software without getting a bug. Today, our software is digitally signed and certified, so you can trust that the real estate investment software you purchased from ProAPOD is, indeed, 100% safe.

Customers generally want the software now. It is true today, and it was true eight years ago. Most real estate investors and agents, once they decide to purchase, want to start using the software right away. Shipping the program on CDs via postal delivery takes at least 3-4 days, unless, of course, you want to pay for “special delivery”. Having the option to download software, without having to wait for delivery, means you can start using it in minutes and not have to pay any outrageous extra fees.

Customers want to get the most for their dollar. Unless a software company is the magnitude of Microsoft, capable of hiring hundreds of employees that do nothing but stuff CDs into boxes, the cost can easily add 10-20% to the software program. It is not just about the postage. Burning, labeling, and packaging CDs takes man hours that feed expenses and gets passed on to the customer. Without hundreds of thousands of customers to absorb that cost, making shipping and handling minimal and less noticeable, the cost for delivering typical real estate software on a CD becomes a big chunk that ultimately would be felt by the customer.

Then, there’s the dark side of CDs. In truth, CDs offer little protection to the software developer and unfortunately there are always some ready to exploit it. It is not an exaggeration to imagine our real estate investment software, real estate investor software, and mortgage calculator, on a CD, getting passed around the office like guacamole at a Super Bowl party. It happens. Whereas, most businesses help offset this loss simply by raising prices, here again, ProAPOD prefers to keep its real estate software solutions limited to the cost of development, without extra padding. It seems fair to everyone, and the bottom line is that you pay less for our software.

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software has been Updated

ProAPOD has updated its real estate investment software editions 6.0 and 10.0 and its real estate investing software 4.0 for new real estate investors.

All three real estate software solutions have each been modified to include a link to an online Help file. This should be of particular interest to Vista users who were not given the Help.hpj program by Microsoft in Vista needed to open our help file. The online Help file has been rewritten and now contains screen shots of completed forms.

In addition to the new online Help file, all three real estate software solutions also include links to PDFCreator and Google Maps in the Help menu. This was done as a matter of convenience; thus allowing you to open either site without having to close ProAPOD and conduct your own online search.

These software updates are free to customers who purchased our real estate investment software 6.0 or 10.0 or our real estate investing software 4.0 for real estate investors during the last year. Otherwise you will need to renew your membership to get these latest updates (just $39.95). To obtain your software update, simply login from the ProAPOD real estate investment software website using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, on the login screen click “forgotten password” to have ProAPOD issue you a new password. Once logged in, you will find the link under “Updates.” Simply click the link to install. Just be sure that the appropriate ProAPOD real estate software is already installed on your computer, otherwise you will receive an unkind message informing you that you are not authorized to install the software.