Our Real Estate Investment Software Glossary is Now Online

ProAPOD real estate investment software has decided to put the real estate Glossary of Terms included in all our real estate investment software solutions online for easy access to users who might have the newest Microsoft Vista windows platform installed on their computers.

Unfortunately, Vista did away with the necessary Help.rtf file it provided in previous versions of Windows and no longer includes it with the Vista bundle. Because this is the file our real estate investment software solutions uses to create our Help files, it does require a computer have the Help.rtf file in order to access it. This, of course, was never an issue until Vista, but now, for those using Vista, it is required to manually download the Help.rtf file from Microsoft in order to access our Glossary.

Needless to say, this latest action by Microsoft does not set well with either ProAPOD or the many users of our real estate investment software who are expecting to have a Glossary of Terms readily available in the software. As a result, ProAPOD real estate investment software has decided to post the Glossary online for those who want to access it without having to make the additional download required by Microsoft.

To access the software Glossary of Terms, simply go to the ProAPOD website (www.proapod.com) and click the link ProAPOD Glossary in the menu under Other Resources.

Merry Christmas from ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software

To you and you’re entire family, ProAPODĀ® real estate investment software would like to extend a warm and heart-felt Merry Christmas!

Yes, we all work hard throughout the year with issues that surround real estate investment properties.

Those of you who are real estate professionals continue to make cash flow analysis presentations for rental income property to real estate investor customers.

Those of you who are investing in real estate continue to perpetually crunch numbers to determine whether an income property is profitable enough to buy, hold, or sell.

And ProAPOD real estate investment software continues to improve its real estate software solutions in order to provide you with the best real estate investing software and customer support possible.

Now it’s almost Christmas, and in the true spirit of Christmas, let’s turn our attention to those whom we love most–our family and friends.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

James R Kobzeff
ProAPODĀ® Real Estate Investment Software