Happy New Year from ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software

ProAPOD real estate investment software would like to thank you for choosing one of its real estate investing software solutions to partner with you in your real estate investment business.

During this past year ProAPOD issued a number of meaningful updates to its customers without charge, and has plans for even more free updates in 2007. We strive to make ProAPOD the best and most affordable real estate software of its kind on the market today and by golly, we’ve done that.

ProAPOD also introduced its real estate investor software this past year. This has been very well received by users, especially by new investors who have been looking for an easy way to determine whether or not a real estate investment opportunity meets desired investment goals. This software solution also provides a learning feature that allows beginning investors to learn how to calculate up to seventeen formulas for key returns.

As always, ProAPOD’s suite of real estate investing software solutions will continue to provide free telephone support. Although not a major issue to most users, we want all our customers to feel free to contact us with questions that will heighten their experience with our real estate software. We are always glad to assist.

Thank you again for choosing ProAPOD real estate investment software.

Please have a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software would like to wish you and you’re family a very Merry Christmas!

Throughout the year we all work hard at real estate investing. Real estate agents continue to do cash flow analysis on rental income property for real estate investors. Those investing in real estate perpetually are crunching numbers to determine whether there is (if any) a benefit to buy, hold, or sell a real estate investment property. And ProAPOD real estate investment software continues striving to offer customers the best real estate investing software and customer support possible.

Okay, now it’s time to shut off the computers, lay aside our real estate investor software reports, and to take some quality time with our spouse and children. Christmas is about being with our family. We can fire up ProAPOD real estate investment software and get back to our income property business later. For now it’s Christmas, and in the true spirit of Christmas let’s turn our attention to those whom we love.

Have a safe and joyful Christmas,

James R Kobzeff

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software