Zoom Control Feature: ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software

ProAPOD real estate investment software offers a wide-range of features and tools that often go unnoticed by users. So it seems appropriate to occassionally take a break from our normal real estate investment tips and point out what ProAPOD’s real estate investing software solution offers.

Case in point, the zoom control feature. Depending on your monitor’s resolution, the forms provided in ProAPOD can appear quite small. Particularly if you’re using a lap top with something like a 1140 x 900 screen resulution. This can make a real estate investment analysis more time consuming, difficult, and frankly, the whole real estate investing analysis process less pleasurable. ProAPOD anticipated this and designed a toolbar feature that allows you to enlarge or reduce what appears on your screen when ProAPOD is in use (does not affect your monitor’s setting). To use it click Tools | Zoom… and then select the size that fits you best. This can be done for each form merely by opening the form and clicking a Zoom setting. ProAPOD makes it easy. Available in all editions, including ProAPOD’s real estate investor software solution.

Kick Your Website Up a Notch With ProAPOD’s Free Website Tools

In response to many of your inquiries about the best way to add a link to ProAPOD on your website, ProAPOD now provides a page where you can simply copy the HTML code. This makes it easy for you to add up to four separate links including: Our ProAPOD software, our free real estate investing articles, our free mortgage calculator, and our free real estate glossary.

Here’s a description of where each link points and the benefit:

  1. ProAPOD homepage. This allows your visitors to preview and learn about ProAPOD real estate investment software.
  2. Blog site. This allows your visitors to learn about our free real estate investing tips and articles.
  3. Free loan payment calculator. This allows your visitors to use our free calculator to compute a loan payment.
  4. Free real estate glossary. This allows your visitors to use our free real estate glossary to look a real estate term.

Click here to obtain one or all HTML codes. Remember, as a real estate investment practitioner, your site always looks better when you include information concerning real estate investment resources. Why not take advantage of ProAPOD and the tools it already provides? It’s absolutely free and it’s easy. Just open this page and copy the HTML codes to your website.