New Update Available For ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software

ProAPOD has updated Basic 6.0 and CFA 7.0 real estate investment software in response to a suggestion made by a new user recently about the “Cost of Acquisition” portion of the Loan Information Form (“LoanInfo” form). Seemingly there was some confusion on her part about how to complete it, so I modified it.

The Current Versions

ProAPOD designed it’s real estate software to include a computation for cost of sale so it can accurately calculate a key rate of return formula. Moreover, it allows you the option of selecting whether you want ProAPOD to compute it as a percent of sale price, or as a dollar amount. In the percent of sale price price field you’re given a drop-down menu and can select any percentage from 0.05 to 2.00%; in the dollar amount you need only to specify an amount. Should both entries be made inadvertantly, you get an alert message telling you that you can’t do that, the dollar amount you entered is deleted, and you’re asked to try again.

The Updated Versions

  1. The percent of sale price drop-down menu now includes the option to select a blank amount.
  2. When the alert message appears, it will delete both, the percent of sale price and dollar amount fields.
  3. Some labels on the form have been rewritten to include slightly more detailed instructions.

You can retrieve this free update from your Customer Solutions Homepage.

Want to Calculate a Mortgage Payment? Do It Free at ProAPOD’s Website

I recently scripted a mortgage payment calculator on the ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software website that is FREE to use. It’s an easy way to quickly determine a loan payment with the option to include annual property taxes and property insurance if you want to. So you can quickly determine PITI on your computer from anywhere in the world. Please give it a try at and let me know what you think.

Want to include the calculator on your website? You can. Simply include a link to somewhere on your site. This will allow your visitors to use the calculator and then redirect them back to your site when they’re finished (the calculator page only includes a “Back” command that redirects the user back to the previously viewed page; so you won’t lose your visitor). It’s just one more way you can show real estate investors that you’re there to serve them.

Reminder. Be sure to consider ProAPOD’s TVM Calculator as a gift idea for your customers. It calculates a full range of mortgage payments plus time value of money. It’s a great way for you to tell your customers “Thank you for your patronage.”